NABS, a charitable organisation helping those in the media and advertising industry


One of our Account Director, Neil Williams, has become an ambassador for the charity NABS. NABS is an organisation that supports employees in the advertising and media industry.

Here at Leadscale, we support NABS statement that although the media industry is an ‘incredibly exciting profession’, it is a ‘extremely challenging one’ too.

The organisation offers a range of services including: career guidance, an advice line to support in with any personal issues and events to help with any skill or knowledge gaps.

Career support

Free confidential coaching covering a range of topics such as: stepping into a new role, motivation, work-life balance and tackling pressures

The advice line

Sometimes you just need a ‘confidential chat’ with a ‘unbiased advisor’ when faced with difficult decisions and hard times. Bereavement, harassment, mental health, money management are some of the issues that you can discuss on the advice line.

Skill workshop

Skill and career development is very important to progress in your role and grow as an individual. This is why NABS hosts a range of workshops such as, building confidence, networking and defining your personal brand.

NABS also holds Future Leaders Support which is aimed at early and mid-career women who have high potential but may not make the next step up a more senior position. As part of this award scheme, offer individually-designed training bursaries of up to 75 per cent contribution of £30000.

On the NABS website, Tess Alps (Founder of the Future Leaders Award) is quoted stating ‘Research shows that women do not get a fair share of the training budget for senior leadership courses. This highly valued fund puts WACL’s money where its mouth is and has made important contributions to the careers of many’.

To read some of the organisation’s case studies highlighting the work they do and the people they help click here.

Reason for becoming an ambassador for the charity?

Neil expressed the main reason for becoming an ambassador for NABS was wanting to help people who struggle with anxiety and addiction, focusing his efforts on the charity’s advice line services. Having worked in the media and advertising industry close to 10 years, Neil feels that NABS is an appropriate and relatable charity for him to be part of.

NABS’s social and networking events was another factor for Williams to become a representative for the charity. Meeting new people within the industry and learning about their experiences would allow him to develop both personally and professionally.

Any personal experiences using the charity?

Having discovered NABS about 12 years ago, Neil has attended some of their events over the years, however he was not aware of all the services that they offered. When finding out more about the charity, Neil jumped on the opportunity to become further involved.

What are your plans to support the charity and utilise your role as an ambassador?

To promote the charity both internally and externally. Neil has introduced NABS to his co-workers in internal meetings, providing an overview of what they do and encouraging others to attend their events. ‘I would love to organise a large group of us from Overmore to attend the The Stranger of Summer.’

Neil also wants to spread the word to the wider media and advertising community. Being aware of the struggles that employees can face, Neil strives for more people to know of the great services NABS provides.

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