We manage all aspects of your campaign, from specification to delivery. It’s all we do.

We help you define your perfect lead target – the right person at the right company. We can use your ABM list to further target your spend or use existing leads and customers as a suppression list delivering control and efficiency.

We share your brief and lead specification with our network of over 100 publishing suppliers. We will work with you to choose the right suppliers for your brief based on their audience or tactic specialisms. You always have the final say in the publishers that work on your campaign.

Additionally we are happy to integrate with any of your preferred suppliers.

We give 100% transparency of the price per lead we pay our publishers so you can best match inventory to your requirements and budget. This transparency allows for future benchmarking and value assessment to further optimise future campaigns.

At Leadscale we offer a number of solutions to help you reach your campaign goals.

Social Lead Ad forms - Leadscale have integrated with both LinkedIn and Facebook allowing our advertisers to easily extract data from lead campaigns. Additionally our advanced optimising, using refined audience segments, allows us to deliver improved targeting for your campaigns.

Account Based Marketing (ABM) - LEADSCALE works exclusively with your target account list ensuing that any leads which do not meet the specified criteria are not purchased and aherin to specific caps by account. We manage ABMs across publishers for maximum campaign efficiency.

Multi Touch - Work with publishers to deliver leads who have engaged with content on more than one occasion. Leadscale will help you to navigate the varying definitions by publisher.

Suppression - Using our technology, Leadscale work with your suppression list, which may include high-intent data, to deliver the most efficient campaign

SQL or BANT - LEADSCALE have developed partnerships with 3rd party call centers allowing us to recommend the best partner for your lead televerification. Simple pricing and integration means we can transparently deliver SQL or BANT leads only for any campaign.

Install Base - Our granular lead specifications and targeting allow you reach only customers with a particular tech stack, or tech stack element. Leads which do not meet the criteria are rejected, saving you time and money.

External Nurture - With confidence and compliance you can extend your audiences by distributing customer or lead lists in order to run retargeting, or external campaigns across publishers and platforms

Leave this to us. We will manage spend, oversee the creation of assets and coordinate with all the publishers you’ve chose to use for your campaign. We will keep you in the loop with regular status calls and robust reporting.

All leads are validated, verified and vindicated using proprietary data logistics by LOLAGROVE. Leads that cannot be machine verified are passed to human ‘eyeballers’ to check against external databases, ensuring that every lead is a real lead and fits the campaign brief.

Only leads that are validated, verified and vindicated are sent to your martech stack. LOLAGROVE consolidates, standarises and transforms data from all channels. Your data is transferred via API to ease the integration to your existing systems and so your marketing automation can start right away.

We do all of this at
no additional cost to you

LEADSCALE charges no retainer, no set up fee and no monthly minimums.

We simply want to manage the budget you already have set aside for demand generation to remove the waste, minimise the noise of bad data and optimise your spend.

All LEADSCALE’s fees are fixed and transparent. This allows us to be entirely impartial when offering advice on which partners you should use to meet your campaign requirements.

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