Manage the complexity
of your content syndication

Content syndication is complicated. Even after you have the relevant content, you need to find suppliers that have an audience that meets your needs. However, this is no easy feat, because not all suppliers are the same, so once you have identified those with the right audience you need to ensure that they will deliver compliant and accurate data.

Once the data starts to flow in, the complexity does not end. There are three key processes you will need to use to ensure that each record is unique, the data is usable and each lead is delivered to the right system for you to take the best next action.

Download this infographic to begin to manage the complexity of content syndication by:

  • Learning the seven moments that matter when planning a content syndication campaign
  • Mastering the questions you need to ask at each moment
  • Understanding the processes needed to ensure your newly acquired data is ready to generate sales