Accelerate your revenues through
better data capture

The cost of bad data is like an iceberg. Wasted ad spend is the obvious part above the
water. Most of the waste is below the water with hidden costs like disgruntled salespeople and diminished marketing credibility. The real impact of bad data is an opportunity cost. The biggest cost of bad data is lost revenue.

Every moment in the customer journey is important but if you do not get accurate data in
the first instance, you cannot identify the best next action and you never get to the other
moments. This success story will tell you how Everest Home Improvements:

  • Applied the LeadScale Engine diagnostic code to investigate the data being captured.
  • Worked with the LeadScale team to analyse the accuracy of the data being collected.
  • Leveraged the LeadScale Engine SmartForm solution to apply the industry’s best
    filters to save data that would have been useless.
  • Recovered more than £40 for every £1 spent.