Supplier Onboarding

In short, to join the community of authorised suppliers, suppliers must firstly apply via the Supplier Applications Team, send back the completed publisher profile, select the licence, sign the BOF, pay the invoice and pay the due diligence fee in advance.

Once completed, the Compliance Team will initiate contact and commence the processing of the supplier. Successful completion of the due diligence process is essential for acceptance into the community.

The Publisher Profile is a mandatory form that all new suppliers must complete and submit to the Supplier Applications Team. It should be meticulously filled out, providing relevant information in accordance with the designated sections. Failure to complete the form accurately may result in a diminished accuracy score. Suppliers are required to return this form within 7 business days of receiving it.

For further details and pricing, please contact the Supplier Applications team at

Explore the following licensing options with Leadscale Engine:

Leverage our Trading Desk (transparent): Leadscale Services – Standard Supplier
Leverage our Engine (technology): Leadscale Engine Licence Holder – Due Diligence Prioritised Partner
Certified Supplier: Highest Level of Approval – Engine Licence Holder + Provenance – Expert Witness Technology. Certify your data, provide evidence of consent, and enter a premium relationship with us.

For additional information and pricing, please email the Supplier Applications team.

BOF stands for Binding Order Form. It is the contract sent to the supplier once they agree to the engine licence. The BOF is dispatched via Adobe Sign and requires an e-signature. Refer to the Adobe Acrobat Sign User Guide for more information.

Suppliers are asked to do this for the Leadscale Group to evaluate the level of compliance to GDPR and PECR. Is this supplier a legal risk? Yes, or No.

It is the final stage of the onboarding process and once approved suppliers become an authorised supplier of the Leadscale Engine Community. Should a supplier fail this stage, they are invited to redo the due diligence after a couple months.

Supplier Scoring

A score of 1/7 is optimal, while 7/7 indicates a terminal case.

ART is a scoring system evaluating suppliers on Accuracy, Responsiveness, and Timeliness.

It is a comprehensive scoring (out of seven) system assessing suppliers. Notably, supplier partnerships are moving beyond definitions based on the scores assigned by the Leadscale Services team during publisher pitches.

These characteristics are pivotal indicators of a supplier’s reliability and suitability for collaboration. Being accurate, responsive, and timely embodies the qualities for a successful and productive partnership.

The Engine

Yes, V3 is the current version of Leadscale Engine. It is employed to verify supplier leads for potential fraudulent activity, ensuring accuracy and effectiveness.

As a license holder, you enjoy several benefits provided by the engine:

Enhanced accuracy in your output quality.

Quality control of your output when interacting with Leadscale Services.

Analysing the statistics reveals a significant improvement in the accuracy of your output quality. For instance, what may have initially been at 74% is now consistently exceeding 99%. This improvement not only makes you appear more accurate and effective to the Leadscale Services desk but also contributes to a positive perception by your clients.

In the absence of the engine, advertisers may observe inaccuracies in your work, potentially impacting your reputation. However, with the engine in place, your clients consistently perceive your output as near-perfect, even when variations exist between the records you generate and the ones they request.

Additionally, the quality control team associated with the Engine is highly trusted by Leadscale Services. Interestingly, they utilize the same team to configure their engine accounts. This approach fosters greater alignment, expedites configuration and setup processes, and minimizes confusion between the buy-side technical team and the sell-side technical team.

Upon settling the invoice for your Engine Licence and successfully completing the due diligence stage, you will engage with the Technical Team for an introduction to the V3 technology. During this session, you will receive guidance on configuring ‘jobs,’ preparing them for the seamless processing of leads through the Engine.

The anticipated next step is for suppliers to actively incorporate V3 into their pilot campaigns. This proactive usage allows suppliers to gain firsthand experience and insights. Simultaneously, it initiates the feedback loop with the Leadscale Services desk, fostering an iterative process that enhances performance and effectiveness.

The expectations from a pilot campaign include lead specifications, measurement of leads within the spec, input-output ratio, delivery to the advertiser, and various rejection criteria.

There are no guarantees of budget allocation; by purchasing a licence supplier should aim to enhance output quality and reputation.

Additional Information

The Engine license fee is non-refundable, aligning with standard software license practices.

For further details, please contact the Supplier Applications team at

Suppliers are encouraged to send emails and may follow up for feedback. Response times may vary, and reminders or follow-up emails are recommended.

Leadscale Engine will send a courtesy email at the end of each month to confirm “earned revenue.” Suppliers can cross-verify their reports with Leadscale Engine and address any discrepancies.