The death of a stalker: Third party cookies phasing out is eminent - find better ways to reach your audience.

In February 2020, Google announced its plan to make third party cookies obsolete on Google Chrome. Google’s goal is to protect users which are requiring for more privacy in the web. So, if you rely on third party cookies to get user information such as location, age and browsing history, it is time to change.

Even though Google is not the first browser to no longer support third party cookies data tracking, it is the biggest. Chrome accounts for more than 60% of the web browser market and more than half of all global web traffic. Publications are calling this phase out the “death of the third party cookies.”

In this white paper we will:

  • help you understand the problem of third party cookies and why they should have been dead for years.
  • show you how to adapt your marketing strategy to account for the loss of third party cookies
  • demonstrate why LeadScale is the best solution to generate qualified leads

Most of all we will show you that there is no need to panic.

Download LeadScale’s white paper and read how we help businesses to generate good leads in a safe and secure way, without violating user privacy.

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