14th October, 2022 11.00am GMT

Support for Reputable Partners – What Good Looks Like

Who should attend?

This session is aimed at LEADSCALE NEW PUBLISHER APPLICANTS and PUBLISHER APPLICANTS currently going through our onboarding & Due Diligence Process.

LEADSCALE cannot exist without you.​

We are eager and happy to guide you as much as possible through your onboarding journey.​

Here is what we will cover:

  • Leadscale General Overview
  • Compliance
  • Collateral & Offering
  • Creatives
  • User Experience

LEADSCALE have championed industry standards in the Lead and Demand Generation industry since 2009, we therefore, we have minimum expectations for new vendors applying to join our regulated marketplace.​

​In this session, we will demonstrate what ‘good looks like’ when it comes to showcasing your solutions to the buying team, and compliance according to GDPR and other local regulatory compliance guidelines.​

A brief history

How this company has turned startup capital of £1.00 into
annual revenue of £20,000,000 without marketing themselves.

Your Questions

Robin Caller is the CEO of Leadscale, a 20+ year veteran of online marketing, and a champion of industry standards. He will present and then try to answer any questions you have.


What Our Clients Say
"It’s a very quick way to get leads and orders in. It would have been really difficult as a large organization. LEADSCALE brings me a lot of flexibility, the opportunity to act quickly and the ability to get more value out of every lead."
- Linda Palmen, Vodafone
"This was a very simple fix that paid back considerable dividends. If only every web deployment could be implemented so easily and deliver such quick returns!"
- Anthony Threlfall, Everest