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Posted by Maria Sperle on December 13, 2022

Consent is essential to effective marketing. It creates trust with your customer, builds confidence in your business, and improves the reputation of your brand. At LeadScale, we take consent seriously. We believe it is a fundamental human right. 

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) were only an idea in Brussels when LeadScale started working with personal data. But you are mistaken if you think we only began to care about consent in 2016. When the GDPR was initially published, LeadScale was already an industry leader in capturing, tracking and supplying an audit trail for consent. 

LeadScale built its reputation on trust and transparency. We deliver real data with consent to our clients through all their lead and demand generation campaigns. At LeadScale, knowing the consent status of all personal data is a unique selling point), not just another box to be checked.   

This post covers the importance of data consent in lead generation and how LeadScale delivers it.

LeadScale data consent technology

The number of businesses working with personal data that do not care about people’s rights is scary. Most are not run by evil dictators. They have a product to sell. They are sure that a lot of people need their product. The problem is that those people do not know about the product, so have not bought it. Personal data is delicate and sensitive. Working with it must be taken seriously. Although your business may have consent to use that personal data, you are not the owner of it. The user is the owner. You are just the custodian of that data.    

If your business wants to collect and use consumers’ personal data, you should explain: 

      • Who you are
      • What data you are collecting
      • Where you will store and process their data
      • Why you want the data
      • Precisely how you will use it
      • When you will remove it

For your brand to build confidence and trust with consumers you will need to show that you can recall what each consumer agreed to and when. That is why LeadScale developed the industry leading consent technology. We call it LeadScale Engine Provenance.   

Provenance securely stores evidence of consent at the user level. This eliminates using manual solutions, spreadsheets or global tick boxes in your CRM to track consent. LeadScale Provenance tracks proof of permission from the first through every moment of capture. As a result, our clients have complete evidence of their customers consent resulting in total transparency of their data collection.   

Why is data consent necessary?

As we mentioned above, the people not relying on consent are not tyrants. They are good people at heart. They want to make their customers lives better. To do that they need to share their great products. They are so keen to share their product that they do not look at it from their customers’ perspective.

When you receive a call from a business you have never heard of offering you a special package for a product you do not own, it is irritating. Seeing your inbox is filled with 50 emails with offers from stores you have never bought from is annoying. What about those weird text messages from brands to whom you have not given your number? Getting consent is vital to building trust, inspiring confidence and improving the reputation of any business which wants prospects to become customers.  

Consent is not forever?

Consumers are consenting to your business using their personal data as you explained when you got that consent. That data may be in your database, but it is not yours. You do not own it. The consumer owns it. You are borrowing it. You are allowed to use it until the consumer no longer wants you to use it. Without their consent to use their data, you no longer need it. You should then remove it.  

How LeadScales delivers consented data?

LeadScale uses best-in-class validation and verification filters to ensure the quality of your leads. Our Engine removes the bots, baddies and balderdash giving you the highest quality, consented personal data. You can spend your time on turning every lead into a valuable relationship not cleaning garbage data. 

LeadScale Engine gives you transparency and control over where your data comes from and the costs of starting relationships with those new contacts. We help you grow and amplify those relationships at every moment that matters for.  

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