How Bad Data Impacts Your Lead and Demand Generation

Written by Maria Sperle on March 27, 2024

In today’s competitive landscape, where businesses vie for customer attention, attracting and converting the right ones is essential for success.  Your marketing team spends countless hours building brand awareness, crafting compelling campaigns, and increasing brand value. Then your sales team is nurturing relationships, refining sales pitches and closing deals. Yet, a frustrating reality stays: many leads don’t convert. Why? 

While it’s tempting to be lured by complex and flashy marketing strategies, the culprit behind low conversion rates often lurks in a deceptively simple place. Besides the obvious errors – targeting the wrong audience, ineffective communication strategies, or insufficient follow-up – bad data is one where we tend to think there isn’t a solution.  

By bad data we don’t mean the wrong point of contact, although that will also waste a salesperson’s time (and time is money) but it’s still contactable. It could be the wrong person but the right company. It could be the wrong company, but that person might know someone who could need your services or products.  

Bad data is an ambiguous keyword, but at LeadScale, bad data is non-contactable, non-actionable data – misspelled names, wrong emails and addresses or wrong contact number. In the labyrinth of lead management, the repercussions of relying on inaccurate data are far-reaching. 

In this blog, we will deep dive into the world of bad data, explore the common pitfalls, and see how to improve your campaign results by simply removing off-spec, non-contactable, or non-actionable leads from your pipeline. 

The Impact of Bad Data

While marketing and sales teams invest significant time and resources in crafting compelling campaigns and nurturing relationships, the presence of bad data poses a barrier to success. 

  •  Wasted Resources and Time:

Non-contactable data acts as a drain on resources and time for marketing and sales teams. Imagine the countless hours spent crafting personalized email campaigns or making follow-up calls, only to realize that a significant portion of leads cannot be reached due to inaccurate contact information, with additional time dedicated to fixing these inaccuracies. This inefficiency not only hampers productivity but also leads to frustration among team members who strive to meet their targets. 

  • Missed Opportunities: 

The presence of non-contactable data leads to missed opportunities for businesses. Consider the scenario where a potential customer expresses interest in your product or service but does not receive a response due to an incorrect email address. This missed opportunity not only results in immediate revenue loss but also long-term revenue loss as the customer builds a relationship with your competitor. There is also incalculable damage to your brand by delivering what is perceived by the prospect as bad customer service. 

  • Reputation Damage: 

Persistent attempts to contact leads with incorrect information can tarnish a company’s reputation. Imagine bombarding a lead with multiple emails or phone calls, only to realize later that the contact details were inaccurate. Such actions can portray the company as careless or unprofessional, undermining trust and credibility in the eyes of both existing and potential customers. In today’s interconnected world, a tarnished reputation can spread quickly, resulting in further long-term damage to brand equity. 

  • Erosion of Confidence Between Sales and Marketing 

The presence of inaccurate or non-contactable data leads to an erosion of the sales team’s confidence in marketing. When marketing’s efforts fail to generate leads that can be effectively pursued by sales, tensions rise, leading to blame games and a breakdown in collaboration. This lack of alignment not only impacts current campaigns but can also hinder future strategic initiatives, ultimately affecting the organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. 

  •  Financial Implications: 

 Non-contactable data has significant financial implications for businesses. According to studies, companies lose millions of dollars annually due to inaccurate data. Beyond the direct costs associated with wasted resources and missed opportunities, indirect costs include decreased customer loyalty and higher turnover in your sales department. Addressing the issue of non-contactable data is not just about improving operational efficiency; it’s about safeguarding the financial health and longevity of the business. 

Common Fails & THE Solution for Bad Data

You might have years of experience in the lead generation industry and know what the most common pitfalls are associated with bad data. But do you know ONE solution to help you tackle it? 

First, let’s point out the top issues we’ve seen.  

  • The issue of Identifying Non-Contactable Data: 

Before addressing the issue of non-contactable data, businesses must first find its presence within their CRM. This involves conducting a thorough audit of existing data to find patterns of inaccuracies, such as misspelled names, outdated contact information, or incomplete records.  

By categorizing non-contactable data, businesses can develop targeted strategies for validation and correction. 

  • Root Causes of Non-Contactable Data: 

Understanding the root causes of non-contactable data is essential for implementing effective solutions. Common contributing factors include human error during data entry, lack of validation and verification processes at the point of capture, and reliance on outdated information.  

By addressing these root causes, businesses can prevent the accumulation of inaccurate data and ensure the ongoing accuracy of their lead database. 

Well, every problem has a solution, and bad data has many solutions. Many businesses offer services to help you sift through your database and identify bad data, or you can resort to using tools like Excel to manually rectify your database. However, we offer something even more efficient and effective: the LeadScale Engine. 

The LeadScale Engine Solution – The Swiss Army Knife for Lead Generation

LeadScale Engine emerges as a game-changing solution for tackling non-contactable data. Leveraging advanced algorithms and data validation techniques, the Engine identifies and removes off-spec, non-contactable, or non-actionable leads from your pipeline before they are added to your CRM or MarTech stack. By automating the process of data cleansing and enrichment, the technology empowers businesses to perfect their lead management processes and improve overall efficiency. 

The LeadScale Engine Filters provide any Advertiser with the superpower of data validation and verification at a demonstrable 99.9% accuracy level. This prevents suppliers from accidentally or intentionally providing you with dud data and stops new contacts from giving fake data that costs you time and money.  

The SmartForms technology uses these filters, combined with advanced verification intelligence, to keep the garbage out. It checks every data field in real-time including names, email addresses, and phone numbers, enabling you to prompt your customers for corrections before they leave the page. Getting the correct data ensures you can take your best next action, and reduces waste, allowing you to activate your prospects at the right moment. 

The Provenance feature delivers any Advertiser the peace of mind of knowing where and when every lead was captured. It gives you the power to safeguard your brand’s reputation, by ensuring that no leads are procured that are not properly opted-in, giving you full transparency from the moment the data is captured throughout their entire journey with you.   


The implementation of the LeadScale Engine yields measurable results in terms of lead conversion efficiency. Case studies have shown that businesses achieve more than a 25% lift in efficiency by leveraging LeadScale Engine to address non-contactable data. This translates into tangible benefits such as increased revenue, higher customer satisfaction, and enhanced brand reputation. As businesses strive to stay ahead in today’s competitive landscape, LeadScale offers a strategic advantage by enabling them to unlock the full potential of their lead conversion efforts. 

Embrace the Future, Lead the Generation

LeadScale is revolutionizing the way businesses work with lead generation. Our experts are helping companies reach new heights by driving success and efficiency through data-driven insights. So, take the first step today. Let LeadScale empower you to unlock the true potential of your business and boldly navigate growth.

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