How does LeadScale’s data orchestration technology work?
Posted by Maria Sperle on December 29, 2022

How are you orchestrating your data? How are you designing your data journeys, business processes, and customer journeys? Do you have the correct technique, technical support, and orchestration tool? Are you using swim lanes or something else? How are you organizing your data orchestration process?  

As you know, and as we’ve mentioned many times, data is the lifeblood of every business. The more data a company has, the higher the chances of success. The more data you have, the higher the chances of converting prospective leads into actual customers. When you have a solid database, you have prospects to contact and keep your brand top of mind.   

But, as everything has pros and cons, there is a dark side to holding so much data. The more data you have, the bigger the chances of mistakes. Duplicated data, inaccurate data, garbage data, too much data, incomplete data, and many other types of mistakes. So, when you know how to orchestrate your data, better are the chances of having a clear and concise database.   

This post will discuss how LeadScale operates an interesting data orchestration software. But keep in mind that we are more than just a data orchestrator. We are also a data processor.   

LeadScale: more than a data orchestrator

LeadScale is more than just a data processor and orchestrator. We do more than move your data from your lead generation campaigns to point your CRM. Our Engine maximizes the input quality and delivers refined, verified, and consented personal data. Our technology makes us the best partner for your business.   

We collect and develop the highest quality, consented personal data to help you turn every lead into a valuable relationship. LeadScale Engine processes data from real people genuinely interested in your goods and services. We give you transparency and control over the sources of the data and the costs of getting into those relationships. We help you find every moment that matters for growing and amplifying those relationships. This approach optimizes your marketing investment.  

LeadScale is more than a platform. We are also the people behind the platform. We not only ensure that 100% of the leads you receive are fully serviceable and ready to be nurtured. Our team of experienced professionals helps your business to own every moment in your lead generation campaign. We support you from defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to developing your campaign; to orchestrating your leads to your CRM system and then help you decide in which relationships to invest.   

The power LeadScale technology

As mentioned, a big challenge in dealing with data is that the more data you have, the bigger the risk of data silos. Yes, a rich database is excellent for every business, but what is the point of having so much data if you don’t organize it? At LeadScale, our Engine can improve your existing database besides having the power to process the data you receive from different lead generation campaigns.  

LeadScale powerful technology can work in two ways.  

      • SmartForms
        Our SmartForms uses advanced intelligence and keeps the garbage out. It checks names, email addresses, and phone numbers in real time and enables you to prompt your customers for corrections as needed. Getting the correct data lets you know your best next action, allowing you to activate your prospects at the right moment.  
      • Predupe and dedupe
        Put an end to your duplicates and gain a high-quality database. When your business has a cleaner database; it ends many potential issues. There is no more wasted budget, no more wasted time, and no more contacting the same customer by multiple people. Your conversion rates will increase, and your sales team will feel more motivated. Duplicates are wasteful – eliminate them. 

About LeadScale

Data runs the twenty-first-century world, and it can be tough to deal with the chaos. At LeadScale, the only data that matters is data that drives the best next action. Our team will help you find wins by owning every moment of the customer journey.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the most common lead generation mistakes and how LeadScale can help you overcome them.