How LeadScale's Partnership with LinkedIn Improves your Lead Generation Campaigns

Posted by Maria Sperle on September 23, 2022

You probably have LinkedIn. When you created your profile, you willingly shared your personal data in order to access this trusted network for professionals. LinkedIn is a network where people go to learn, share ideas, network, find jobs and generate leads. Yet not every business takes advantage of its full potential.

Today we will talk about how LeadScale Engine helps your business take the next best action during your LinkedIn Lead Gen campaigns.

The LinkedIn Lead Gen Form

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are a great solution for marketers looking for qualified leads. They are customisable, prefilled forms with a prospect’s LinkedIn profile data that can be added to your Sponsored Content, or Sponsored InMail ad.

Lead Gen Forms help marketers collect high quality leads at scale. They provide an effortless way for companies to gather the data they need to qualify a lead in one click from LinkedIn members. They also make it easy to track the ROI of your LinkedIn campaigns with cost per lead (CPL) form fill rates, and conversion rate reporting.

You can use Lead Gen Forms to deliver content like white papers and eBooks, share an event sign up, generate newsletter signups, provide discounts, and anything else to spread the word about your business.

LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms are prefilled with the prospects’ details removing the main barrier to online conversion: forms that must be complete manually. Using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms also avoids prospects leaving LinkedIn to complete a lead form. Both features reduce drop off and dramatically improve form completion rates.

How LeadScale helps with your best next action in your LinkedIn Campaign

Remember in the beginning we mentioned how LinkedIn collects personal data from its users? When you submit a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form you are sharing the details you used to create your profile. If you are like most people that was your personal email and mobile number, and not your business details. On the world’s largest professional social network where users look for jobs and networking, who wants a recruiter contacting them on their current company email?

While people may not want recruiters to contact them on their work email, they probably don’t want to be sold something for their business on the personal email account. Similarly, your company compliance team probably does not want you to have personal email addresses and phone numbers in your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) either.

Bear in mind when the LinkedIn Lead Gen Form collects the data from a profile, it can’t recognize if it is a personal or a company email, so you’d have had to do this filter manually. That’s where our Engine enters. When integrated to a LinkedIn Lead Gen campaign, our technology recognizes if the data collected is a consumer domain, removing the wasted time and potential for human error with manual filtering.

With our technology you can produce two versions of the “Thank you for your download” email. To the personal emails, you thank them for downloading the email and request them to provide their business email address. Engine can then update their details and add them to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform for the advertiser to nurture them in the correct way.

All the business emails collected will go through your standard process of being added to your CRM and receiving the standard thank you email. LeadScale Engine scores and prioritizes records before they enter your system, applies data enrichment, and routs sales ready data directly to your sales team as quickly as possible. It makes sure that you take the best next action for each contact captured.

Read what our clients have to say.

“The deployment of the LeadScale Engine technology was vital for our lead generation activity via LinkedIn’s lead gen forms. LeadScale Engine’s managed service provided us with transparency and control. The resulting insight from the acquired LinkedIn data was of high quality, further optimising the performance of our campaigns.” Danielle Warshawer | Enterprise Marketing Manager | Adobe

The Best Filters Deliver the Best Leads

LeadScale Engine is the managed software service for your business. With the best filters in the industry, our product maximizes the input quality and delivers refined, verified, and consented personal data to Advertisers.