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Posted by Maria Sperle on November 17, 2022

How many of you are increasing your lead and demand generation programs? The answer to that question is probably very few. In times of recession, marketing budgets tend to get cut. What does not get cut however, is your targets. In order to hit these targets, you need to increase effectiveness and efficiency in your marketing spending. One of the easiest ways to increase effectiveness and efficiency is by reducing waste. Paying for the same contact more than once is wasteful. Removing the duplicates before accepting the leads cuts this waste.  

Publishers are also interested in reducing waste. Instead of removing the duplicates after they have done all of the work to get you the contacts, tell them who is already on your list. This allows them to target new contacts for you and lets them use your existing contacts for other campaigns.

As our CEO, Robin Caller, says,  

“The recession is coming. Or it already arrived.”  

To get more value from your Marketing budget, it is time to focus on practical strategies. So quit playin’ games with your budget, before you wish you could turn back time. 

In this post, we will explain why data duplication is a threat to your shrinking marketing budget, especially during a recession. But don’t panic, there is a solution. You will also learn how LeadScale Engine improves your dedupe and predupe process, saving jobs, time, and money. Our technology can get you through the recession by keeping the duplicates out, and the revenue coming. 

The cost of duplicate data

Data duplication is an ongoing challenge. Businesses spend fortunes on various lead gen campaigns, so duplicates happen. In companies without data quality initiatives, duplicate data rates are between 10% and 30%.  

Duplicate records can even affect your brand reputation. Imagine you have ten different profiles for the same customer. Because you and your team didn’t check for data duplication before starting the nurturing process, multiple salespeople could be contacting the same customer with different messages, offers and solutions. Gartner shares that: “customers bombarded with the same marketing material results in a 25% reduction in potential revenue gain.”. 

Data duplication wastes marketing budget regardless of the state of the economy. So, don’t let something so simple to solve ruin your company’s revenue. LeadScale has the solution for your business to thrive during those dark times and beyond.   

LeadScale: The power of predupe and dedupe

Have you ever been targeted with ads about apps that will make more space on your phone by removing duplicated pictures? The goal is to help the consumer not waste their time manually deleting the duplicates. When you have repeated images on your phone, the storage is wasted. You can’t take new pictures, record videos, or download new apps. To improve your phone’s usability, you must free-up space. Deleting duplicate images and videos helps. Therefore, having a technology that does the hard work for you is game-changing.  

What these apps do for your phone, LeadScale Engine does for your CRM. More than detecting the duplicates, we filter them before they hit your CRM.  

When you have multiple live campaigns, you collect data from different places. With this many campaigns, the chances of targeting the same person many times are high. When deduping, LeadScale technology can detect the duplicated data as it is captured. LeadScale Engine identifies and eliminates duplicates as they arrive keeping your CRM tidy.  

Another solution we provide for duplicate data is our predupe feature. Here the technology filters the duplicate data before your campaign starts. Instead of the publisher enticing a person, that person filling out a form and passing the data over to you before identifying it as a duplicate, it is much more efficient to eliminate the duplicates upfront. 

Put simply, predupe tells the publisher who is already on your list. Before you start the campaign, the publisher tells you who they intend to target, and you tell them whose contact details you already have. But how to do this without having a major data breach on both sides?  

We have built a data clean room into the LeadScale Engine. This is a safe space, where you and the publisher will encrypt your data and upload it into the clean room. You remain in full control of your data as only you will have access to the unencrypted version. Once in the cleanroom, the Engine scans to find the data in both your list and the publishers intended target audience. The publisher is then told who to remove from their audience. 

Put an end to your duplicates and gain a high-quality database. When your business has a cleaner database; it ends many potential issues – there is no more wasted budget, no more wasted time, and no more contacting the same customer by multiple people. Your conversation rates will increase, and your sales team will feel more motivated. Duplicates are wasteful – eliminate them. 

What business doesn’t want to avoid wasting its budget? Especially during a recession. 

About LeadScale

Leadscale combines technology with expertise to build a custom solution for our clients. Data deduplication is one of Leadscales lead generation services and is the strategy your company might need to survive the recession.  

When tasked by clients to do data deduplication, we can build custom filters into their pre-existing inbound lead generation list. But our most powerful feature is our pre-deduplication feature. We provide a suppression capability that lets suppliers de-target your existing records and target new ones.  

Data duplication wastes your company’s money and employees’ time. Leadscale Engine gets it right, helping your company save money and increase revenues by letting your team focus on what matters, generating and converting leads.    

Book an appointment with our team today. Accelerate your lead generation strategy and make the most out of your marketing budget.