Bridging the Pond: Streamlining Business Processes for US Success

Written by Matt Levine on March 05, 2024

Launching a business across international borders brings exciting opportunities but also unique challenges. Here at LeadScale Inc, we’re navigating the exciting journey of establishing ourselves in the US, and one key hurdle we’re tackling is adapting our well-defined UK processes to the American landscape. 

While our UK operation boasts an efficient and comprehensive system for campaign onboarding, sign-off, implementation, and activation, the US demands a different approach. This gap can confuse teams, make onboarding new hires more complex, and create friction in client management.

The Problem: Different Processes, Different Approaches

The key hurdle lies in the disparity between US and UK business practices. The playing field shifts significantly from legal and financial regulations to client expectations and industry norms. This lack of a single source of truth can hinder our efficiency and create uncertainty for existing and new team members. 

Our Solution: Building a Bridge of Process Documentation

We’re creating a comprehensive process document specifically tailored for the US market to bridge this gap. This document will serve as a single source of truth, outlining steps for: 

  • Campaign Launch: A clear roadmap will guide teams through each stage, ensuring consistency and efficiency from onboarding to activation. 
  • Financial Processes: Understanding US financial regulations and procedures is crucial. This document will provide a clear overview for navigating this aspect seamlessly. 
  • Tech Team Requests: Streamlining communication with the tech team requires a defined process for US-specific requests. 
  • Client Management: Tailoring our approach to each client’s needs while adhering to US protocols requires clear documentation. 

Next Steps: Getting Started

We will need both input and collaboration to make this project a success! What that will look like will evolve. However, to start, we need to: 

  • Share Expertise on Process: Bring insights into specific US-based processes. Shared knowledge is invaluable for building a comprehensive guide. 
  • Understand Training Needs: Identify areas where new hires might require additional training to adapt to US approaches. 
  • Spread the Word: Ensure everyone stays informed and involved in this crucial initiative.

By working together, we can bridge the gap between UK and US operations, ensure a smooth onboarding experience for new hires, and ultimately streamline our US business for success. By creating a single source of truth that empowers our team, we will have paved the way for a thriving US presence!

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