How Tackling Sugar and Building a Business Share Valuable Lessons

Written by Matt Levine on January 17, 2024

It’s been over a year since I cut sugar out of my diet, an admitted sugar addiction ingrained in my family’s DNA; my father was a sugar addict, and my daughter is a sugar addict.  

So, what does this have to do with my perspective on business and entrepreneurship? Actually, quite a lot. Little did I know the lessons I learned from this personal journey would parallel the challenges of launching LeadScale Inc. in the US.

An Uncommon Match

As I embarked on my quest to cut sugar from my diet, I was shocked to learn that sugar is added to many of our most popular foods.  

The first month was hard; I had to read every label and ask waiters, “What’s in that salad dressing?” I had to be mindful of every meal, snack, and food item. But what did that teach me that could translate into starting a business? That those details matter.  

While doing something that is both equal parts hard & new, you must focus on all the variables affecting the goal.  

In launching LeadScale Inc., everything is new. Marketers don’t know the LeadScale name, and we have very little brand recognition. Also, we didn’t have any processes, regional pitches, sales structures, etc. It seemed daunting and still is. But I felt the same way about cutting out sugar. It was hard initially, but I’ve learned the foods to avoid over time. Checking labels has become second nature, and I don’t crave sweets.  

Over Christmas, cookies, candies, cakes, and desserts were all over my house. I would have eaten everything in the past, but I don’t even feel a twinge now.  

The lesson is that complex things take time to tackle. But if we focus on the outcome we are after, making LeadScale Inc. the most trusted technology Marketing Services Company in the US, all the other variables, instead of adding complexity, can be analyzed as to whether they support or distract from our mission.

The Top 4 Lessons Learned on the Journey

The lessons I’ve learned about the importance of details, perseverance, and focusing on the end goal are valuable in various aspects of life, including entrepreneurship.  

Here are the main takeaways from my journey:   

    • Details Matter: Just as I had to pay attention to the details of my diet, like reading labels when cutting out sugar, the success of a business often hinges on meticulous attention to detail. This can include understanding your market, customer needs, and industry trends and refining your processes and strategies.    
    • Persistence and Adaptability: Cutting sugar requires persistence, especially during the initial stages. Similarly, building a business involves facing obstacles, uncertainties, and setbacks. Persisting through difficulties and adapting your strategies is crucial for long-term success.   
    • Focus on the Goal: By keeping my eye on the ultimate goal—making LeadScale, Inc. the most trusted technology-enabled Marketing Services Company in the US—I prioritize tasks and decisions that align with that vision. This helps in filtering out distractions and staying on course.   
    • Learning and Improvement: Over time, I learned to find foods to avoid and developed habits that made avoiding sugar second nature. Likewise, in business, continuous learning and improvement are vital. Adapting to the latest information, industry changes, and feedback can contribute to the overall growth and success of LeadScale.


As my sugar-free journey paved the way for a healthier life, the lessons learned are seamlessly applied to make LeadScale, Inc. a household name in the US. Personal and entrepreneurial victories are within reach through perseverance, attention to detail, and unwavering focus on the goal.

Embrace the Future, Lead the Generation

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