Unlock Successful Advertising: My Journey to LeadScale Inc.

Written by Matt Levine on October 1, 2023

Where do you start when you are trying to build a business? What matters to the market? How do you identify areas of opportunity where you can succeed? These questions and hundreds more are what I will try to answer over the coming months and years. To start, I need to go back, back to the beginning, to answer how I got here. 

Matt Levine Before Advertising

At its core, lead generation is identifying potential customers and nurturing them until they become paying customers (or clients). As a small business owner, you might think, “Do I really need to invest time and resources in lead generation?” The answer is a resounding yes. Lead generation isn’t just for large corporations; it’s also a game-changer for small businesses.

Lead generation helps small businesses maximize their limited resources and financial capital. It can also help you build relationships with potential customers before they even reach your website or store.

Matt Levine After Advertising

What have I learned in my 20 plus years in the advertising business? Doing B2B advertising well is incredibly tough. One day lead generation and driving MQLs is the flavor of the day. The next is programmatic data informed advertising to identify the right buyers at the right time. Then it is Account Based Marketing, ABX, Customer Data Platforms, and DMPs. It is exhausting and complex. 

My clients have expressed some truths over the years. They want partners they can trust; they want transparency across their media spending; they want security of their data, and their customers’ privacy. They want to be able to measure the impact their advertising has on their bottom line. Easy right? Not easy, but all the things that every B2B advertiser should be asking for from their partners. That is what led me to LeadScale.

The Beginning of a New Chapter

A key tenet of LeadScale is that the only data that matters is both transparent and true. Transparency is something that has been lacking in media, not just in B2B media. It is time to illuminate the path for our advertising partners about what they are getting for their money, how we are spending that money, and be held accountable for performance.  

LeadScale has built a business on security (we are ISO27001 certified), transparency (we expose how we make our money), and performance (the LeadScale engine delivers exceptional results to our customers. As Danielle Warshawer says: 

"The deployment of the LeadScale Engine technology was vital for our lead generation activity via LinkedIn's lead forms. LeadScale Engine's managed service provided us with transparency and control. The resultant insight from the acquired LinkedIn data was of high quality, further optimizing the performance of our campaigns."
Danielle Warshawer

I am excited to bring our Demand Engine to the US. The market is ready for a new way of doing business. Email me or add me on LinkedIn if you’d like to learn more. 

Embrace the Future, Lead the Generation

LeadScale is revolutionizing the way businesses work with lead generation. Our experts are helping companies reach new heights by driving success and efficiency through data-driven insights. So, take the first step today. Let LeadScale empower you to unlock the true potential of your business and boldly navigate growth.

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