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Posted by LeadScale on February 09, 2023

Thank you for joining us for part three of our content syndication blog series. We have already spoken about what content syndication is and how to get started. This blog will discuss the different types of content you could syndicate.

Educational versus promotional content

We briefly touched on this topic in blog one: what is content syndication? When choosing what content to syndicate, you should use educational pieces rather than promotional content. Imagine you are the reader; this is the first time you see a brand. Do you want them to try and sell their new service or product AT you, or would an educational piece around a pain point you are experiencing in business be more likely to get you to click? Most of us would choose the latter, and the research complies. According to Content Marketing Institute, 77% of marketers use educational content to nurture their prospects.

Content types

So, we know we need to create educational pieces of content for our first meeting with the reader, but what format can these pieces come in? The answer is any digital type of content! We have listed a few to give you some examples:

      • Blogs
      • Whitepapers
      • Articles
      • Case Studies
      • Reports
      • Ebooks
      • Opinion pieces
      • Podcasts
      • On-demand webinars
      • Videos
      • Infographics

Choosing the right content type

Choosing the right content type can take time and effort. As you start your journey into content syndication, trial and error may be necessary. Depending on your target audience or industry, the content that will resonate best will differ. A good way to start is by looking at what your competitors are doing. Ask your sales team to find out how prospects initially found you. Look at the stats from content you have already produced. Many content syndication sites will allow you to provide your content in different formats and see which resonates best. With this information, you can better understand the winning content type for your target audience.

Final thought

Remember, the piece of content you are syndicating could be the reader’s first impression of your brand, so ensure your content interests them and answers a pain point they may be feeling.

Now you know what types of content are available to you, it is time to start looking at successful content syndication. To give you some inspiration – this will be the topic of our next blog – see you then.

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