In Times of Recession Know Your Best Next Action

Posted by Maria Sperle on August 17, 2022
Entering a period of recession is not good, but they happen. In early August, the Bank of England warned Britain will dive into recession. It predicts the economy will decline in the last three months of 2022, with an expectation to shrink until the end of 2023. This recession will not be limited to the UK as other economies are also struggling.

Another recession? What now?

The thought of entering another period of economic distress is scary, but with planning and structure, businesses can still prosper. As potential customers might not come as easily, knowing your best next action helps you carefully choose where to invest your ever shrinking marketing budget.

Now is the moment to stop wasting millions of dollars trying to convert bad leads. Those leads coming from a variety of sources without verification and validation. The leads that are not actionable. The leads that are garbage. It is time to stop wasting your marketing budget and salespeople’s time on garbage leads.

How can SmartForms keep your business growing?

LeadScale helps any business in not blindly investing in lead generation.

Out of a sample of 200,000 records processed for Advertisers in Q2 2022, 32% failed to meet the defined specification. In other words, out of $5,000,000 of media spend, only $3,400,000 would have bought actionable leads – opportunities to develop relationships with people – “as intended”. LeadScale Engine removed these garbage leads before the advertiser paid for them saving $1,600,000 that would have gone to waste without our world-class filters.

Without our Engine and the expertise of our Services team, the cost of this garbage would amplify throughout their sales activation investments. Leadscale provides the greatest leverage to any marketer – the ability to begin a relationship from the moment of first engagement – the first moment that matters.

We built the most sensitive data verification and orchestration platform in the industry. LeadScale Engine is surrounded by a team with technology and compliance expertise and connected to an exceptional network of content partners. Our Engine ensures everyone who enters your system is a real person with a real interest in your brand. Hence, every investment you make and action you take is a clear and informed step toward customer growth. We are not just experts in data. We do not just trade leads. We deliver relationships.

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