LeadScale Engine: The Complete Solution for Your Lead Generation
Posted by LeadScale on August 16, 2023

LeadScale Engine is like the Walt Disney Corporation. Bold? I know but listen. 

Suppose you learned about the fantasy factory 30 years ago. In that case, you might think of Disney as Mickey Mouse, Princesses, or The Lion King. But what if you were introduced to Disney 2 years ago? You´ll probably think of live action, The Avengers, or Star Wars (the new versions).  

Some of our clients think of us as a provenance company. Others think of us because of our pipes and filters, others because of our transparency or how we deliver results fast. 

The analogy may sound cheeky, comparing ourselves to the House of the Mouse. But our point is, just like Disney is more than Princesses and theme parks, LeadScale Engine is more than one specific feature you might have met. The platform includes a complete tool set to deliver the best demand and lead generation results for your business. 

Put another way, LeadScale Engine is the Iron Man suit of lead generation performance. It uses multiple tools to help you achieve a common goal: to generate high-quality leads. 

The People Behind the Technology

Behind the scenes of the LeadScale Engine, a team of experts works tirelessly to deliver the best results possible to your pipeline. They are like real-life versions of Pepper Pots. Just as she is crucial for Iron Man’s success by ensuring everything in his life runs seamlessly, our team does the same for the Engine users. 

More Than Its Filters and Pipes

Many people hear LeadScale Engine and think about its filters and pipes. How the Engine validates and verifies the data to a 99.9% accuracy level to ensure that all the leads you have paid for are actionable. 

But the LeadScale Engine is not just about validating and verifying leads; it is a complete solution that helps you perfect your lead generation process.   

Using advanced technology and smart algorithms, it identifies which leads are the best fit for your business. This way, you can focus on the most promising leads and increase your chances of success. 

The SmartForms Magic

We also help brands that capture data on their website.  

Imagine you have a downloadable piece of content on your site. To download this piece, you require the prospect to include details like name, email, and telephone, but there is no guarantee that these details will be correct. That is where the SmartForms enters. 

LeadScale Engine tech team developed a code called SmartForms, which assures the validity and verifies all data being processed, rejecting all non-compliant data, and keeping noise and garbage out of your database. 

The SmartForms code is simple to add to any web form.  

Transparency is Key

We believe in complete visibility into the lead generation process.  

Unlike some superheroes that hide their faces, the Engine has no masks and is completely transparent in how it works. You can see exactly how each lead is “approved” by its pipes and filters. 

There are no hidden fees, secret policies, or unserviceable leads delivered. We deliver principles-powered, transparent, and true personal data through our principled commitment to the highest standards of transparency and privacy.  

With this transparency, you can trust the results and confidently act on the information the Engine provides and make informed decisions. 

The Provenance Superpower

Besides its pipes and filters, the LeadScale Engine has some incredible attributes that not everyone knows about! One of them is called Provenance. This feature tracks the permission given and how every lead was captured by sharing the device, date, and time the lead agreed to connect with you.  

Provenance gives every advertiser the power to safeguard its brand’s reputation by ensuring that no leads obtained cannot be vouched for. Provenance helps you keep track of all your interactions, just like a superhero keeping a secret journal. 

Another hidden feature of the Engine is the not-so-well-known but just as powerful “One Hub of Truth.” It acts like a magic organizer, helping you manage all your lead campaigns smoothly. It’s like a powerful crystal ball that shows you all the information about your campaigns in one place. Better, the Hub of Truth is like Jarvis, Tony Stark’s AI assistant. Just like Jarvis retains all the information about the Iron Man suit to its continuous improvement, the Hub of Truth retains all the information you need to improve your campaigns.

Simple and User-friendly

LeadScale Engine prides itself on its easy usability. We understand complex tools slow you down. Therefore, we designed the Engine to be intuitive and user-friendly.   

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you can quickly learn how to harness the Engine’s power and become a lead generation superhero for your business. 

Improve your overall sales and marketing performance.   

Embrace the Engine and unleash the true potential of your leads today. 

Contact our team to see how the LeadScale Engine can help you upgrade your lead generation.