The Power of Content Syndication in ABM Campaigns

Written by Violeta de los Reyes on September 22, 2023

In Account Based Marketing (ABM), content syndication has proven effective at the start of ABM campaigns.

ABM is centered around building stronger and long-lasting relationships with a carefully and strategically curated list of pre-qualified accounts (aka Target Account List or TAL). This means that the content being promoted needs to be customized.

Content must be highly relevant to the target accounts so that they will take notice of the advertiser’s offering, an offering from which these accounts will get value and for which they may already be actively researching.

How to Use ABM Content Syndication to Generate Leads

For many marketers, content syndication is a vital part of their marketing strategy.

Content syndication can vastly augment the reach of marketers’ content (whether it be a whitepaper, an e-book, a blog post, a webinar, an infographic, etc.) as the content is republished on one or multiple websites.

The promotion of their assets across different channels means more eyes on their content from a wider audience, thus generating more valid leads. Content syndication can indeed be a potent tool for lead generation campaigns.

ABM content syndication is different from wider content syndication campaigns since the latter will be looking for new customers from a broader audience. For content syndication providers, the promotion of content to a specific TAL only is a much more challenging task, making it essential for marketers to find providers who can do their ABM content syndication right.

How to Choose the Right Partner for Your ABM Content Syndication Campaign

There are several things that marketers should consider before choosing a partner to execute their ABM content syndication. For one, marketers must accurately define their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and TAL.

The TAL aligns sales and marketing to the same goal and must align with the advertiser’s objectives (i.e., growing net new opportunities, or increasing revenues from existing top clients, etc.) The TAL will inform the marketer’s choice of partner for their content syndication campaigns.

Marketers should make sure that their best content gets in front of the right accounts. When considering a content syndication partner, they must always ask how their TAL matches against the partner’s audience reach to see if they can get their desired lead volumes and target CPLs.

Partners should be able to target accounts based on the advertiser’s specific campaign criteria, such as job titles, suppression lists, and qualifying and profiling questions. This will ensure that only on-spec, accurate leads get through from the start. Marketers will then know which relationships they should invest in and which ones to let go.

Filtering out off-spec, inaccurate leads at the front end of the campaign optimizes budgets. It allows marketers to focus only on the leads that are worth their precious time and resource. As many marketers already know, it is important to test multiple partners to see which ones perform best for any given campaign.

Once the first leads come in, then a nurture stream is necessary to make the most of the content syndication effort and continue building the relationships with the target accounts. A follow-up process is key to drive the leads through the purchasing funnel. A nurture strategy can be based on the specific content that was engaged with, informing the type of follow-up that should be made.


When done right, ABM is well worth all the planning and budget for many advertisers. Although complex, ABM can dramatically increase pipeline and lead to much larger deal sizes. And content syndication has proven itself to be a powerful and integral part of ABM campaigns as it enables advertisers to promote their content to the right audience at the right time.

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