Posted in honour of the Academy Awards 2022


There can be no doubt that some moments matter more than others.  For want of a better example, we could look no further than the Academy Awards – the Oscars – that took place on the evening of 27.03.2022.

It’s not often that a bad joke is followed by assault. 

Another moment that matters is when someone comes to our website and reads one of our blog posts.  They have graced us with their visit, and they are investing time in finding out a little more about us, our why, our principles, our services, and how they might be able to use us.

Perhaps they are hoping to find that we can help them solve a problem. Maybe it’s a specific challenge they have identified as a priority, or it could be they’re after something more intangible like a turn of phrase that leads to a moment of clarity. 

Whatever their hopes, ours are that they find something useful here, and they decide to pop back another time to see if we have posted something useful.

What we intend to do is use this domain of ours to platform our marketing endeavours. We have never done any marketing before, so this is all quite new to us.

One thing that has occurred to us is that most businesses don’t do very much by way of saying “thank you for visiting”. 

So, in our first attempt to become “customer number one” of our technology and deep expertise, we shall attempt the feat of saying thank you – to you – for reading this, and more generally for visiting our site.

And then, over the course of this year, and onwards from here, we will attempt to wow you with our customer journey orchestrations, our data journey orchestrations, our data enablement, our data synchronisation, and much more.

We will attempt to demonstrate how we can help you leverage data, by doing it for ourselves in simple yet pleasing ways.

 Because you are here, and this moment matters.