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Content syndication - ensuring firms get the most value
Posted by LeadScale on February 16, 2023

Well done for sticking with us as we start blog five out of our six-part series on content syndication. So far in this series, we have covered what content syndication is, how to get started, types of content you can syndicate, and creating high-quality content. In addition, this blog looks at how firms can ensure they get the most out of their content syndication efforts, so let’s dive straight in.

Planning, planning, planning

We will go into different tricks and tips for executing successful content syndication shortly, but we wanted to address the importance of adequate planning first.

Your content syndication, in fact, all your marketing efforts, will do considerably better if they are part of your overarching marketing plan. Adequate planning is essential to give you the time to execute something appropriately and give it the resources needed to make it a success.

Your content syndication will be much more effective if it is part of a marketing campaign event, email campaign, social posts, sales conversations, etc. Content syndication should be more than just a stand-alone activity. It should be a part of your content distribution strategy, which is part of your marketing plan.

Maximising content syndication efforts

As a refresher from previous blogs, content syndication provides broader brand awareness. This awareness is obtained through the piece of content you are syndicating and should generate exposure that you wouldn’t ordinarily have been able to get from your website. The content needs to include links to your website to encourage people to visit; otherwise, they are unlikely to leave the third-party website.

Remember, Google is likely to direct traffic to the third-party site with the highest authority, resulting in no website views for your firm. So remember those backlinks!

Once you cover all these points, there are a few other tricks to help you optimize your syndication efforts:


Once you share your content on a third-party publication, a great way to get more readers is to promote it via social media. We also recommend keeping an eye on the third parties’ social pages and promoting any posts they release about your article.

Call to action

You should always include a call to action link to your website throughout the piece. Remember, the reader is likely to visit your site with a prompt!

Researching syndicators

Before you decide which publications to partner with, you should spend some time researching their statistics first. Look at the website traffic they receive, their keyword rankings and how much organic traffic they get. A range of helpful insight tools can help you with this research.

Pitching to publishers

Pitching to publishers can take a lot of work. When researching your publishers, look for the most suitable for your target audience and concentrate on getting in touch with them.

When working with LeadScale, our Services team gives you a personalized experience. The team finds the different types of publishers in our database and shares a list of potential ones that can work with each campaign. We understand the publishers’ delivery versus their forecasts, strengths and weakness, and campaign considerations. After getting a few proposals, we will present you with the options and help you choose the publishers that deliver the best results for you.

Final thought

These are all excellent tactical ways to improve your content syndication strategy’s success. Remember that if you receive contact details from someone that has downloaded a piece of your content, you need to do something with that information. Add them to your mailing list, create a nurturing plan on the topic they were reading about, and invite them to your next event – but don’t forget about them.

In our next blog – Content syndication FAQs, we will run through some frequently asked questions that we are yet to cover. Please let us know if you have any more questions we can answer. See you next time!

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