Navigating Complexity: Decoding the Challenges of Campaign Specification

Written by Darren Griffin on November 15, 2023

I recently had a call with a very experienced Marketing Director.  

He’s been in the game for over 20 years and is multi-disciplined, spending time in channels, comms, partners, events, etc.  

He had only started to do content syndication demand generation for the first time recently.  

He knows who his ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) is. He has it nailed down and knows who he wants to get in front of. So, when he reached out to one of the brand name demand gen providers, he got his program set up pretty quickly, told them who he was looking to target, gave them his content and got it started.  

What he wanted and what he got were 2 very different things.  

While knowing your ICP and the personas you want seems simple, it can sometimes be difficult to communicate to a partner that often has different interpretations of keywords and rigid structures.  

He received many ‘influencers’ if you will, but not the people he and his sales team wanted to get in front of.  

When he objected, the provider could point back to their terms and the specifications to point out that those leads were a technical fit. 

The Challenges of Campaign Complexities

That’s an example of what happens when you deal with one partner. What about when dealing with multiple partners on the same campaign? 

I’m currently running a campaign with 11 different partners with 160 campaign lines. 

How do you communicate so many variables effectively with different partners each with different interpretations? 

What about some awkward targeting? You need to target only Product Managers, but not Product Marketing Managers. How do you verify that you have only received Product Managers? 

The Importance of Lead Specification

One of the things that LeadScale specialises in is helping you communicate exactly what you want to potentially dozens of different partners. Using our relationships established over time, operating thousands of demand generation campaigns ensures the effectiveness of your campaigns in a standardised and normalised way. 

It is essential to communicate who you are looking to target and who you won’t accept. You can benefit from our experience to guide you through this particular complexity.  

We occasionally run into issues where it can quickly become apparent that there is a ‘Specification Error’, for example, the Product Manager v Product Marketing Manager campaign mentioned above. The client hadn’t told us of this exclusion. Still, once the client noticed, we could quickly pause and amend the campaign before much of the budget had been spent inappropriately.  

How are you ensuring that you only pay for the leads you want? Contact me and I will help you improve your demand generation campaigns.  

Embrace the Future, Lead the Generation

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