How to Decide the Fate of Your B2B Campaigns During the Holidays

Written by Adrian Rudczuk on December 19, 2023

As the festive season approaches, B2B marketers face an annual conundrum: should we hit the pause button on our campaigns during this time? It’s a question that resurfaces every year, and the answer may be more complex than it seems.

Aligning Actions with Business Goals

When considering your best next action, it is important to remember your goals and the desirable business outcomes.

Are you focusing on brand building, sales activation, or trying to find a healthy balance between the two? What projects are still live? What is your average sales cycle, and when are you expecting to reap the benefits of your current activities? As always, there are many things to consider, but most business outcomes you are trying to influence are at least a few months ahead.

Industry Insights

Numerous industry reports and studies have shed light on the impact of pausing campaigns during the holidays. Surprisingly, these findings challenge the conventional wisdom of slowing down B2B marketing efforts.

According to multiple sources, the lower competition during Christmas presents a golden opportunity you can capitalize on. LinkedIn reports a notable decrease in ad spend, with a 5.7% drop in CPCs. However, the real revelation lies in the increased interaction, with a substantial 21.7% boost in CTRs. Similar trends can be observed across other channels and platforms during the year-end.

Capitalizing on Opportunities

Contrary to the instinct to reduce activity during the festive season, the data suggests that maintaining or even increasing your branding efforts can yield significant benefits. The dip in CPCs implies that advertising costs may be more budget-friendly during this period, allowing marketers to stretch their budgets further during those last few crucial weeks of the year. At the same time, the surge in CTRs suggests that users, despite being disconnected from work during this time, still engage and respond to marketing communication.

Sales Activation during the Holidays

The question then arises: what about sales activation? Surely, no one ever downloaded a whitepaper during Christmas in their downtime.

I hate to break it to you, but it happens more often than you’d imagine. Of course, volumes will drop, and your demand generation campaigns won’t benefit from the same cost savings as your branding activities. However, you must remember that every user journey is slightly different and unique, and people reach different points at different times through different actions.

Besides, if you were a race driver, you wouldn’t pull a handbrake in the middle of the race unless you were about to make a tight turn.

The same logic applies to your demand generation campaigns. If you are not planning any significant sales activation changes, don’t unnecessarily hinder your results by pulling the handbrake. The majority of the conversations you are trying to start won’t happen until later next year.

The age-old debate of whether to pause B2B campaigns during Christmas takes an intriguing turn when confronted with the data. While certain types of campaigns may need to be put on hold due to their nature (e.g. telemarketing programs), others can significantly benefit from maintaining or even increasing marketing efforts during this special time. As the festive season unfolds, marketers may find that embracing the spirit of giving in their campaigns pays off in more ways than one.

Happy Festive Season!

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