How to Nurture Client Relationships in Your Business

Written by Libby Teager on January 11, 2024

At the heart of every successful business lies a network of loyal and satisfied clients. Success isn’t just measured by revenue and profits but also by the relationships you have built with your customers over time.  

In this article, I will delve into how I have grown trust, reliability and understanding with my clients over the past 5 years I’ve been an Account Manager at Leadscale Labs. Maintaining these connections isn’t merely a duty; it’s an art that requires much dedication, effort, and empathy, which I will share with you today. 

Communication is Key

Communication is key to building trust and understanding your client. As an Account Manager, I need to keep regular engagement with clients to discuss ways of growing the business and check in on their needs, challenges, and aspirations.  

A day doesn’t go by where my inbox isn’t full of client requests and queries. This can sometimes get overwhelming, especially when there is much to do. The key here is to prioritise these queries and to always be open and honest with clients. Suppose you don’t have enough time to deal with a particular query. In that case, you should communicate to the client with an ETA or let them know it is being worked on or looked into as soon as possible.  

Make sure to listen thoroughly and actively to your client’s concerns and queries and respond thoughtfully yet appropriately. Being attentive to their concerns can highlight a sense of reliability and care.   

The Importance of Personalisation

Clients will appreciate being treated as individuals rather than just another revenue stream. Personalisation is about understanding, anticipating, and meeting individual client needs in a way that resonates on a deeper level. It is about going above and beyond “one size fits all”.  

Personalisation isn’t just about addressing a client by their first name in an email; it’s about understanding the client’s preferences and challenges and tailoring a business approach which resonates with this. However, it does also help to be personalised when you are not adding clients to a long list of BCC recipients in an email.   

At Leadscale Labs, we understand our clients’ pain points, goals and communication preferences. That helps us propose helpful and unique campaigns that suit their needs. Whether the client wishes to target a specific demographic group with their advertisement or must achieve a particular KPI goal, we can help them do just that!  

Client satisfaction will be significantly impacted by the level of personalisation you conduct. When a client receives a customised experience, it creates a sense of appreciation and acknowledgement. This acknowledgement can be the power of building long-term relationships.  

To ensure client satisfaction at Leadscale Labs, we have regular one-on-one check-ins with our clients. Whether that be checking in with a client via email to see how the campaign is progressing and performing for them or organising face-to-face or virtual meetings to discuss ways we can improve their campaign performance. 

Consistency & Reliability

Consistency and reliability go hand in hand to embody a commitment to trust, dependability, and excellence that help nurture a client relationship.  

When a client experiences a consistent level of service, quality and communication, it gives them confidence that your business is reliable and trustworthy. It’s not about meeting expectations once but about doing so repeatedly after that, which reinforces the fact that your businesses can be relied upon.  

Reliability goes hand in hand with consistency. It isn’t just about meeting expectations and being there when a client needs you. It’s about meeting deadlines, ensuring issues are resolved effectively and quickly, and delivering on promises.   

We have retained relationships with most of our clients even before I started working at Leadscale Labs 5 years ago (some relationships have been ongoing for over 10 years). During this time, we have continuously delivered top-quality leads for our clients every single month. Clients will allocate a budget per month, and we remain open and honest about whether or not a budget is achievable. We like to manage clients’ expectations appropriately without making false promises.   

Our clients remain confident enough to know what they are getting from us as a business, which results in a long-term partnership where both parties grow together.

How it Provides Value

Value involves creating a long-term partnership where both parties grow together. This includes understanding each client’s evolving needs, crafting customised solutions and continuously establishing to stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape.  

The art of nurturing client relationships extends beyond short-term gains. As an Account Manager, it is essential for me to also learn and understand my clients’ long-term goals as a commitment to ongoing value creation. I continuously seek ways to improve, innovate, and enhance the client experience. This allows me to propose appropriate upsell opportunities for client business growth and add value.   

When doing so, it is important to educate and empower the client. Provide them with suitable knowledge, tools, and resources to help them make informed business decisions.

Feedback & Continuous Improvement

Feedback, whether positive or negative, is vital for growth. Taking on board feedback showcases a commitment to improvement and a willingness to evolve based on a client’s concerns or praises. However, it’s not just about receiving the feedback, but also acting upon it. This will prove to the client that their opinions really matter to you.   

At Leadscale Labs, we take feedback seriously. Our primary focus is ensuring we offer our clients top-quality data. Therefore, if a client flags any quality concerns, we will always do what we can to optimise and improve the performance.   

As a team of Labs, we can run A/B split tests for the ads we run for our clients. Split testing is a pivotal tool in optimisation and empowers our team to experiment with different approaches and decisions.   

At Leadscale Labs, we can run up to ten different creatives per campaign. Whether it’s testing additional images, questions or text, the split test approach allows us to identify which creative a user engages with the most and which creative performs the best for our client. We also can test different creatives on different demographics, such as gender or age. 

Embrace the Future, Lead the Generation

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