Improve sales with better data capture

Posted by Maria Sperle on August 11, 2022

Wasting money is frustrating in any aspect of life. But when it comes to business, wasting money can break you.

But do you know where companies waste most of their marketing budget? The greatest waste of marketing budget is unsuccessful lead generation campaigns. Companies spend money on online ads to drive people to their website and capture their data to market to them in the future. This is a lead generation campaign. So, it is very disappointing when all the budget spent on the ads and the time spent on the design and execution collects nonsense data.

Data is the lifeblood of every business, and the data that matters is the data that drives a best next action. Hence, when you add “real-time” filters and prompts on your capture form during your lead gen campaign, you help the prospect get the information they need while avoiding any poor inputs to your business.

How does Leadscale Engine help Verisure to improve its data capture?

To make the most on their lead generation campaigns, Verisure recently appointed LeadScale Engine as their data orchestrator. Our software orchestrates all advertising and CRM data across all channels used by Verisure. Relying on the industries best filters, LeadScale Engine ensures that only verified and validated data is delivered into their Martech stack. LeadScale was introduced to Verisure by Amazon. LeadScale and Amazon have partnered to provide the pipes between Amazon and all their advertisers to move consented data.

Lead to Call Conversion in 60 Seconds

Amazon Advertising selected LeadScale Engine as their lead generation data processor. This partnership allowed Verisure to apply their first Lead Generation campaign on Amazon France. Verisure receives the leads via an API connection at speed and their in-house telemarketing team can call the leads within 60 seconds. This means, verified leads convert from Amazon to appointments for Verisure in 60 seconds. seconds.

Amazon Ads team in France closed their first campaign running the lead gen product, enabled by LeadScale Engine data processing. This product was first launched on Amazon UK for BMW.

The Best Filters Deliver the Best Leads

LeadScale Engine is the managed software service for your business. With the best filters in the industry, our product maximizes the input quality and delivers refined, verified, and consented personal data to Advertisers.