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Posted by Maria Sperle on December 26, 2022

Since August, we have been giving you tips to prepare for this economic downturn. Now we are in December and if we are honest, the recession isn’t coming anymore; it is already here and is expected to last into 2024.   

A recession can be an opportunity for businesses that decide to keep investing in marketing, lead generation, and brand awareness. To better understand why a recession can be good for your business, read our blog “In times of recession, don’t cut your marketing budget.”.  

This post will discuss one lead generation tactic: content syndication. Here we will explain why you should invest in content syndication and some of LeadScale’s best practices for executing high impact content syndication campaigns.  

Why invest in B2B content syndication during the recession?

Regardless of the economic winds, investing in content syndication has many benefits. Your website receives quality backlinks and increases its online presence. Content syndication is a perfect strategy to reach specific audiences and generate quality leads. Sharing the content you own on other websites can reach a broader audience, allowing you to build a list of prospective leads ready to be nurtured.  

There are two main types of content syndication. The free version. That is great, and it helps you increase your website views, therefore increasing brand awareness. This type of content syndication is mostly used in PR strategies. But in a recession, you need more than improve your website metrics. You need to attract new leads and increase your paying customers. Therefore, when you use content syndication for lead generation, you are targeting a specific audience that will bring a list of prospects you can nurture with measurable results. 

Content syndication: LeadScale’s flagship service

Yes, B2B content syndication is LeadScale’s core service. We not only have the best publisher partners that you can choose from to syndicate your content, but we guarantee consented and real data in exchange for your content. LeadScale has the best practice methods in lead and demand generation strategies. Our services team guides you through the process, from building your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to deciding which prospects to invest. 

We use our technology to only deliver serviceable leads 100% of the time, so you get the most out of your marketing budget. To better understand how does the LeadScale lead generation process works, you can read our blog “Level up your content syndication with LeadScale.”. 

LeadScale delivers 100% of serviceable leads

LeadScale uses best-in-class validation technology to ensure that 100% of leads received are fully serviceable. Our Engine collects and develops the highest quality, consented personal data to help you turn every lead into a valuable relationship.   

LeadScale Engine processes data from real people. We give you transparency and control over the sources of the data and the costs of starting those relationships. We help you find every moment that matters for growing and amplifying those relationships.  

With LeadScale, your content syndication campaigns will bring real leads. Therefore, you can build a list of real prospects that your sales team can nurture.  

Our technology, combined with our team of specialists, delivers real data, making the most out of your marketing budget.  

About LeadScale

Data runs the twenty-first-century world, and it can be tough to deal with the chaos. At LeadScale, the only data that matters is data that drives the best next action. Our team will help you find wins by owning every moment of the customer journey.

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