Intent Data: Maximise your B2B Lead Gen

Posted by Maria Sperle on October 13, 2022

Intent data has been gaining fans since 2019. It is becoming essential in the B2B market. The technology finds leads that are actively looking for a product or service and People who are actively looking will be further along their sales journey. While we do not think that all surge and intent signal is pure, we recommend that our clients test this technology. You want to see if it shortens the sales cycle and increases deal velocity. We have enabled Engine clients to test intent data with one of the leading suppliers of Surge/Intent signal, LeadSift.

Sellers have little chance to influence customer decisions. However, knowing who is already interested in buying saves you time and money. It also sets realistic expectations. That is why there is a growing interest in “surge” and “intent” data as a solution to bridge the gap between marketing qualified leads (MQLs), and sales qualified leads (SQLs).

So, don’t go chasing waterfalls. Test intent data to find prospects who are ready-to-buy. Use the power of LeadScale Engine and LeadSift to find these qualified prospects before your competitors do.

LeadSift - Reach the right people first

LeadSift’s technology mines publicly available information to detect when the ideal customer shows intent on channels not owned by an advertiser. The person showing the intent could be a new prospect or an existing prospect that is in the market again. LeadSift works with the fastest growing B2B software companies in the world. It drives real results with intent.

We partnered with LeadSift to help you fill your pipeline and close deals faster.

How do LeadScale and LeadSift power up intent data?

Lead generation is not a fire and forget process. Advertisers need to own every moment that matters in the journey from prospect to customer. LeadScale helps you own these moments by delivering real data that is actionable and then putting it in the right spot for you to take the best next action.

As our CEO Robin Caller has said, “We give brands control over every moment that matters. We move data across tech stacks to orchestrate the journey from potential customer to actual customer. LeadScale helps businesses take control and own every moment that matters.”

Working with LeadSift, our Engine clients know which prospects are actively researching their solutions on third-party sites.

With LeadScale Engine and LeadSift, you decide if you want to:

  • Buy leads identified as surging. Our Engine team will assure their quality with our lead verification process.
  • Apply the surge query between receipt and purchase of the leads. You pay more for leads that are surging. Apply the surge query after paying for the leads to help you decide whether to direct them to sales or nurture them in marketing.
  • Apply the surge query to identify companies to add to your target account list (TAL).

Matching intent to your existing prospects can be automated. to find those individuals who have recently shown intent. The prospects who have just started surging are then routed directly to your sales team.

At LeadScale, we help businesses decide in which relationships to invest. Prospects that are searching for your products and services are better than those who are not. That is why we are so excited to partner with LeadSift to better inform your decision-making.

Contact our Services team today and own every moment that matter.