Moments That Matter | Women’s Euro 2022

Posted by Maria Sperle on August 4, 2022

When it comes to sport, what moments have truly mattered? Not the moments that mattered in terms of records broken or trophies won. But the moments that have truly shifted society.

Was it when Muhammad Ali beat George Foreman in 1974 or when Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics? Or maybe when Jackie Robinson integrated Major League Baseball in 1947 by becoming the first Black player on an MLB team since 1889 – a move that opened opportunities for other Black athletes to play professionally.

It's football. Not women’s football.

England winning Women’s Euro 2022 may prove to be equally important as these historical events. In a word, it supports the perception of women in professional football. This Euro broke records in the group stages. In fact, it became the most-watched Women’s Euros in history. For instance, the event had a cumulative total of 248,075 fans already passing through the turnstiles. Additionally, a record crowd of 87,192 attended the game with Germany – with 17.4 million TV viewers. Making the Euro final the third-highest attendance recorded at any level of European football in 2022 so far.

For instance, the top three highest attendances in Europe this year have all been for women’s games. The Euro 2022 final joins a double-header of huge crowds recorded at the Camp Nou last season when Barcelona set two records in the space of a month.

Those record-breaking numbers are not just numbers. They demonstrate a shift in attitude towards female athletes across all sports and shape future generations of female athletes by providing them with role models they can identify with as well as encouraging more girls into playing competitively themselves.

Significant moments like this open space to generate discussions much bigger than England bringing football back home. Something that does not happen since 1966. So, when you talk about Women’s Euro 2022 being the biggest UK television event of the year, you open a door to discuss gender equality, and this is a moment that matters.

But what has England winning Women’s Euro 2022 got to do with Leadscale?

It is a critical moment. A moment that matters. At LeadScales we pride ourselves in championing moments that matter. Albeit for data journeys rather than stories of redemption and cultural change.

When our clients want to change from reacting to customer engagement moments to taking control of them in an initiative-taking manner, that is a corporate sea change we love to support.

For us, when a client decides to stop with the “garbage in, garbage out,” and decides to apply world-class filtration, is a win. It means they decided to improve the data fluency across not only their organisation but also the wider digital marketing network.

Like our CEO, Robin Caller, once said : “Moments really matter. The smallest moments amplify across the whole match and affect the outcome. And in business too, where team spirit and momentum, each critical moment can affect the outcomes positively or negatively.”

If digital transformation were a sport, we are sure that those two business goals are the data equivalent to the two England put past Germany last weekend.

Here is to the Lionesses, gender equality, and leveraging every moment that matter.

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