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Posted by Maria Sperle on February 03, 2023

You need to take control of your lead generation strategy. 

The first month of the year is gone. If you don’t change now, you’ll blink, and Q1 will be finished. 

The solution is simple. You must take control of your entire lead purchasing program. It is time to have transparency over every source, every supplier, every tactic, and asset. It is the moment to know the value of every record acquired.  

We know you know your job. And we know you are short on time and resources. But we have good news. We can help you! Saving time and resources are LeadScale’s superpowers.   

This blog will discuss the changes you need to make in 2023, and how LeadScale helps to implement them. 

More leads is NOT THE ANSWER

Yes, the recession is here. Budgets are being cut, and jobs are on the line. Therefore, your main concern this year can’t be generating more leads.  

More leads is not the answer. Knowing the value of every lead acquired is.  

At this moment, right now, do you know the probability of the prospects you acquire turning into new deals? Don’t blame yourself if you don’t because you are not alone. 

Many companies don’t know and can’t calculate the value of every lead generated in their campaigns. In truth, most marketers aren’t concerned with the subsequent money their firms spend on conversion attempts.  

The teams in these firms do not know which leads to invest in and which ones to let go. They lose money every moment they invest resources in leads that are not relevant to their business.  

Remember: for every $50 spent acquiring and onboarding the wrong lead, up to $500 is wasted trying to convert it before it is thrown out or archived. And you can’t solve this problem with “more leads.”   

The changes you need to scale up in 2023

When you buy blindly (either using internal resources or through your appointed agency), you lose control of two things: the method by which you generate leads and the origin or source of those leads.  

When you have transparency, you can know which of your suppliers is delivering you the best leads. Therefore, you can increase or decrease budget allocations or prices accordingly. But now, you are losing control over how and where your brand and assets appear. You are working on trust rather than visibility.  

Most agencies do not have the right technology to evaluate whether leads meet the requirements of the Advertiser. Only some agencies are afforded the required level of access to a client CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which would enable them to automate and surface lead valuation. They cannot proactively optimize, and their ability to do so is often compromised by these access restrictions.  

While agencies may deliver the required volume of leads, they don’t oversee the lead progression in your pipeline. Therefore, they don’t have visibility on the performance of these leads at each critical moment.  

Put shortly, agencies don’t have the apparatus to help them understand the value of every record they procure. They may have the expertise but are often let down by processes and technology that don’t join up.  

Yes, you are overwhelmed with all the advice you get. But remember: “more leads is not the answer.” Dead-end leads are. They are killers for you and your sales colleagues, wasting time and resources. You need to break the paradigm. The cost of bad leads is not limited to media waste alone. The cost of buying dud leads is made far worse by the costs of trying to convert the wrong ones. 

How LeadScale helps you to scale up

LeadScale Engine is the partner for your business because the technology helps you to categorically prove where your leads have come from and how much they are worth to your business.  

LeadScale gives the transparency you need to take control. But how do we do that? Allow us to introduce you to just some of the LeadScale Engine SUPERPOWERS. 


The LeadScale Engine Filters provide any Advertiser with the superpower of data validation and verification at a demonstrable 99.9% accuracy level. This prevents suppliers from accidentally or intentionally providing you with dud data and stops new contacts from giving fake data that costs time and money. 


This superpower delivers every Advertiser the peace of mind of knowing where and when every lead is captured. It gives every Advertiser the power to safeguard your brand’s reputation, by ensuring that no leads procured cannot be vouched for. And it helps you ensure you have full transparency of the source. 

Pipes (Towards the “single hub of truth”) 

Our technology unites all the systems surrounding you and helps you deliver the right insights, to the right people, at the right time. As your single source of truth, the Engine allows you to provide relevant real-time reports to Advertisers, Agencies, and Suppliers. 

About LeadScale Engine

Leadscale helps you to harness the investment you have made in your advertising and marketing technology and helps you become the superhero your firm needs as you deliver amplified results. 

Contact us to take immediate action and enhance your lead generation programs. LeadScale Engine will help you deliver better campaign results than in 2022.  

If you’re interested in reading more about the changes you need to make to thrive in 2023, be sure to read the complete version of our white paper “More Leads is not the answer.” Download your copy now.