Unleashing Growth by Empowering B2B and B2C Lead Generation
Written by Neil Shaylor on July 31, 2023

LeadScale has an unbeatable superpower when it comes to lead generation. We are great at serving both B2B and B2C sectors with first-class data processing abilities. Achieving multiple lead and demand generation campaigns across media channels is complicated. It requires the operational and commercial knowledge that LeadScale has. 

While the two sectors may work differently, they often present the same fundamental issues around control and transparency. So, it surprises me why so many lead verification tech companies choose either sectors to focus on. Maybe because aligning a tech business with one specific sector defines a perceived specialism and value? Or because it allows the technology providers to focus their efforts and control their business and marketing communications? Who knows? I can see a value in that, but is there a bigger picture? 

Let me try and explain why I think that it is important for any technology business that offers data processing services, to be able to support a sector agnostic solution.  


In March 2020, we saw a global pandemic that squeezed the consumer market. But in turn, accelerated the demand for tech companies. Big tech companies that were looking to offer their software to companies who needed to find new ways to run their own businesses.  

To accommodate the huge swing in business, LeadScale was able to organically pivot its tech services across the 2 sectors. This helped us to sustain growth during an unprecedented difficult time. While the B2C technology providers found it very difficult to adapt. 

Meanwhile, the B2B technology sector was flourishing, as we all had to change the way in which we worked and communicated. This encouraged most data processing companies to focus their efforts on these business opportunities and becoming heavily dependent and weighted in the B2B sector.  

In Q4 2022, the B2B tech sector saw the first drop in confidence. Marketing and tech providers were scrambling around and feeding off tighter budgets. Tech companies and lead trading agencies were trying to make more money from existing revenue, instead of scaling across another growing sector.


The B2C sector has traditionally been recognised as a volume-over-value proposition, but that is changing. With the right technology, new leads can be quickly evaluated and enriched to become complete data records. Identifying the gold dust which is very important to get right to support retargeting. Especially as third-party cookies are phased out and multichannel retargeting increasingly relies on access to consented PII (Personal Identifiable Information). 

In addition, many businesses need to serve both consumers and business customers. For example, the automotive sector is primarily considered a B2C sector, but most automotive brands also have a fleet offering. Why use two different platforms to generate new enquiries when one can do both under one contract and one DPA (Data Processing Agreement)?   

To achieve a multi-sector approach to both demand and lead generation, businesses need to understand the value of the service they offer. They must deploy a commercial model that works across both sectors.  

The only model that I have seen work successfully is a performance model, where a small percentage of the media spend is paid on verified leads (CPL – Cost per Lead). A cost-per-processed-record model is not likely to be commercially practical for advertisers in the B2C sector due to the amount of noise (non-serviceable data), duplicates, and low cost per lead. 

If you are a growing business running a new RFP (Request for Proposal), look for a tech company that can handle lead data processing for both B2C and B2B. This will future proof your business and ensure that you have a single platform for both types of customers. An agile tech company like LeadScale will be able to adapt to the changing needs of your business and provide you with the best possible service. 

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