What is the importance of transparency in lead generation? | LeadScale
Posted by Maria Sperle on December 05, 2022

We’ve all been victims or know someone who has been a victim of a scam. There is nothing more frustrating than trusting someone and having that trust broken. But it is funny how easy it is to be scammed. Whether it’s the hidden fees in hotel membership schemes, the inability to redeem loyalty points, the never-mentioned “tourist tax” or “resort tax,” or even the “gas fees.” 

Our CEO, Robin Caller, only the other day, mentioned he was scammed at an auction in London.   

“The very presence of an item in an auction caused me to bid without reading the small print. What I assumed was a rare example was nothing but a common or garden variety. My certainty in the organization’s transparency didn’t make me doubt them. But the most frustrating feeling is the contempt we all hold for the scammers and tricksters when we finally “come to our senses.”  

In business or life, transparency must be part of everyone’s values, not the small prints in the company’s privacy policy. At LeadScale, we are proud to take transparency very seriously. From not hiding fees from our customers to requesting every employee to do a course on its importance, transparency is essential in our daily mantra. When we are transparent, we build trust, allowing our customers to keep coming back and working with us.

The marketing scams

Marketers are not inherently evil despite what you may have seen in the Apple privacy ad or read in the mainstream press. We tend to believe in the products we market, and we are sure that our buyers’ lives will improve after they buy them. We are so excited by the opportunity to improve lives that we forget to consider the consumers’ feelings and wishes.  

By making it super easy for people to buy, we bury some important details in the T’s & C’s and the privacy policies. Because if people want those details, they will look for it. The consumer however feels that we were being disingenuous at best or even dishonest by ‘hiding’ these important details. The consumer feels like they were scammed by us. 

The same thing happens to us when as marketers we become the buyer. Marketer scams are in the details; the agency’s premium service you’re paying for while being delivered a sub-premium service or product. The CPL (cost-per-lead) you pay for the unserviceable leads you receive on top of the lack of provenance documentation, inefficient campaign processes, and slapdash approvals. All those practices done in bad faith are scams, but you still live with them and accept them.  

Transparency is a USP (unique selling point) in digital marketing when it should be standard practice. Charging fees transparently should be the rule of every business. And as crazy as it may sound, it is something that LeadScale has been told is a genuine differentiator. Funny how being trustworthy is a USP and how digital marketing is full of hidden fees, practices, and other disrespectful behaviors. 

It is time to stop accepting those small scams as ‘part of doing business and work with a business that will deliver value for your money. LeadScale is the business for you. We are proud of how we structure our fees. No scam, no secrets, no hidden extras.  

We mentioned it before, and we will mention it again. A recession is coming if it isn’t already here. It is time to make the most out of your Marketing budget. Stop wasting your money and drive better returns. LeadScale is transparently uncommon and the right partner for your lead generation campaign.

LeadScale transparency rule

As mentioned, LeadScale values transparency. There are no hidden fees, secret policies, or unserviceable leads delivered. We deliver principles-powered, transparent, and true personal data. We deliver greater consumer trust and brand control through our principled commitment to the highest standards of transparency and privacy. In addition, with our LeadScale Engine Provenance, customers can request proof of permission for every lead acquired from the moment of capture.  

LeadScale uses best-in-class validation technology to ensure that 100% of leads received are fully serviceable. Our Engine collects and develops the highest quality, consented personal data to help businesses to turn every lead into a valuable relationship.   

LeadScale Engine processes data from real people. We give you transparency and control over the sources of the data and the costs of starting those relationships. We help you find every moment that matters for growing and amplifying those relationships. This approach optimizes your marketing investment, allowing you to use every budget invested.   

On top of all that, we have LeadScale Engine Provenance. LeadScale technology ensures that our customers do not need to rely on manual solutions to provide documented evidence of data consent. Our technology offers proof of permission from the moment of capture through the whole of the customer’s lifecycle.

About LeadScale

Data populates our modern world, and it can be challenging to navigate the chaos. At LeadScale, the only data that matters is data that drives productive action. Our team empowers clients to identify opportunities through technology and expertise by owning every moment of the data journey.   

With our Engine, LeadScale ensures the highest quality, consented personal data, so you turn every lead into a valuable relationship. LeadScale Engine processes data from real people genuinely interested in your goods and services. We give you transparency and control over the sources of the data and the relationships you pursue. We help you find every moment that matters for growing and amplifying those relationships. This approach optimizes your return on marketing investment.    

Contact our team today. Accelerate your lead generation strategy and make the most of your marketing budget transparently.