Why choose LeadScale for your next B2B lead gen campaign?
Posted by Maria Sperle on December 16, 2022

Customers are what bring revenue and support your business to move forward. Therefore, attracting new customers is essential to your business’s success. That is why lead generation is essential for every business looking to grow. 

To generate leads, you need prospects who have the problem you solve. There are many ways to do lead generation, and many companies can help you in this process. But if you want a real return on your investment, LeadScale is the B2B lead generation business for you. We deliver data from real people who have also consented to receive your marketing messages. Our team walks you through every step of your lead generation campaign.    

This post covers why LeadScale is the best partner for your business. Here we explain how we are more than a cost-per-lead (CPL) based company. LeadScale helps you own every moment of the journey. From defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to deciding how much of your time and resources should be invested in each lead. Stay with us, and we will convince you why you should choose LeadScale as your B2B lead generation partner.   

Owning every moment of your B2B lead generation

LeadScale does more than validate and verify leads with world-class filters. We deliver proactive control over every moment that matters on the journey from prospective customer to actual customer. The LeadScale Services team helps clients in specific moments of the lead generation journey. 

So, when you decide to move forward with the LeadScale team, we help you: 

    • Define your ICP; 
    • Select the best publishers that fit your campaign. 
    • Optimize your budget. 
    • Manually check the authenticity of every suspicious lead. 
    • Build a strong sales pipeline. 
    • Choose the best leads in which to invest. 

Need a little more detail on what we mean? Here it is:

    • Our team customize lead specifications and hand-pick the most reliable and relevant data sources to provide the safest, most accurate, and highest-quality personal data. 
    • We design and implement programs for activating your data across platforms to reach prospects better and drive them down the sales funnel.
    • We automate lead scoring and other data enrichment services. 
    • And we take the manual work out of finding and attracting customers that meet your KPIs. 

Unlike other companies, our team isn’t only delivering leads in quantity. We deliver quality over quantity.  

Lead and demand generation campaigns aren’t cheap, so you need to work with a company that will deliver real leads with a genuine interest in your brand. LeadScale helps businesses create a solid and effective sales pipeline while delivering leads that convert.  

To better understand why LeadScale is the best B2B lead generation partner for your business, read our blog “Level up your content syndication with LeadScale.”.

LeadScale: more than a data orchestrator

We recently worked with Verisure to onboard leads directly from Amazon to their call center. With this project, the LeadScale team enabled outbound sales calls within seconds of the prospect saying “hello” on their Kindles. Read more about this success story in our blog, “Improve sales with better data capture.”.

Don’t think of LeadScale as “validation and verification” or “pipes and filters” any longer. Instead, think of LeadScale as a firm you can use when you want to own every moment. Increase the fluency with which you transform your customer journeys in light of digital transformations.

“If you think our Engine is a lead management solution, we have done you a disservice. I am sorry. We will do better, given a chance, and explain how you can use us more effectively.” Robin Caller, LeadScale CEO.

The power of LeadScale's technology

Although we are more than our technology, improving the LeadScale Engine makes us better daily. We are okay with repeating how LeadScale technology changes B2B lead generation. But this is only possible because of the fantastic team behind the Engine. They are what makes our technology the most uncommon practice out there.   

LeadScale Engine ensures the highest quality, consented personal data, so you turn every lead into a valuable relationship. LeadScale Engine ensures data from real people genuinely interested in your goods and services.  

We give you transparency and control over the sources of the data and the relationships you pursue. We help you find every moment that matters for growing and amplifying those relationships. This approach optimizes your return on marketing investment.   

About LeadScale

Data runs the twenty-first-century world, and it can be tough to deal with the chaos. At LeadScale, the only data that matters is data that drives the best next action. Our team will help you find wins by owning every moment of the customer journey.

Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about the most common lead generation mistakes and how LeadScale can help you overcome them.