Why is Quality Crucial in Lead Generation? | LeadScale
Posted by Maria Sperle on November 22, 2022

It doesn’t matter the service, product, or industry you work in, delivering high-quality results should be at the top of your list. In lead and demand generation it’s no different. Therefore, it’s hard to find professionals that don’t care about delivering genuine leads by placing a quality management system.  

Knowing the power of the LeadScale Engine to ensure lead quality, publishers are flocking to become Engine Certified Supplier. This increased interest in our technology is simple: our partner suppliers want to differentiate themselves from the competition by delivering the most serviceable leads to their clients.  

Brands use LeadScale because they know we deliver transparent and accurate personal data that makes for higher-quality leads and better returns on their advertising spend (ROAS). We deliver the best results to our customers because we focus on quality over quantity. We now offer publishers the same opportunity. 

This post will explain why our partners trust our quality management to deliver accurate and serviceable data transparently. 

Delivering high-quality leads

We are not offering our quality control solutions to publishers. LeadScale Engine allows them to deliver a transparent service and differentiate themselves from their competition.  

To confirm why publishers trust our Engine, our CEO spoke to them and noticed how tired they are of ruining their reputation with garbage data. Publishers want to deliver leads with 99% effectiveness.   

They license our technology because the interest in a quality system has increased. They are committed to delivering high-quality data to their clients. And with a recession coming, they can’t afford to waste time and money with garbage data.” Robin Caller, LeadScale CEO

Follow the steps of Roverpath, Vereigen Media, Demand Circle, SFour, FAEB Crunch, and other publishers. Become a LeadScale Engine Certified Supplier and deliver real data with an uncommon quality management solution for your clients 

What is an Engine Certified Supplier?

When a publisher becomes an Engine Certified Supplier, customers can ask to deliver data through the LeadScale Engine filters to verify and validate them. Using our technology ensures publishers deliver the highest quality of data.  

Additionally, Engine Certified Suppliers also have a license to LeadScale Engine Provenance. The technology ensures that publishers don’t rely on manual solutions to provide documented evidence of data consent. LeadScale Provenance technology offers proof of permission from the moment of capture.

The Engine quality management system

You know that quality control is a process that ensures businesses deliver quality products. At the same time, quality assurance guarantees that the products delivered meet the specifications of the customer. Quality control allows us to build the best hammer. Quality assurance makes sure that the customer need a hammer and not a screwdriver. 

At LeadScale quality assurance is about input quality: the leads captured by our Engine during the campaign. Our quality assurance guarantees that every lead captured meets the agreed requirements made in the beginning by our customers. This way, the Engine identifies the garbage leads, blocking the ones that don’t meet the demand which helps our specialists to deliver faster and correct results.  

On the other hand, quality control is about output quality. We ensure every lead captured is validated and verified by our Engine according to your specifications and expectations. Once our technology filters out the garbage, our team of specialists manually verifies every lead before it is transferred from our Engine to customers’ CRM. 

How does the Engine works?

Imagine you have a downloadable piece of content on your website. To download this piece, you require the prospect to include details like name, email, and telephone, but there is no guarantee that these details will be correct. That is where our Engine enters. Our tech Team developed a code called LeadScale Engine SmartForms, which assures the validity and verifies all data being processed, rejecting all non-compliant data by keeping noise and garbage out of your database.

Our SmartForms code is simple to add to any web form protecting you from spam and abuse. It keeps bots, baddies, and nonsense out while allowing real leads to pass through.

SmartForms stop abusive traffic on your website without adding the friction of CAPTCHA. It checks names, email addresses, and phone numbers in real time and enables you to prompt your customers for corrections as needed.

Once our SmartForms validate the details, they are stored in our Engine database to be manually verified by our team before going to our clients’ CRM database. Getting the correct data lets you know your best next action, activating your prospects at the right moment.

About LeadScale Engine

LeadScale Engine ensures the highest quality, consented personal data so you turn every lead into a valuable relationship. LeadScale Engine processes data from real people genuinely interested in your goods and services. We give you transparency and control over the sources of the data and the relationships you pursue. We help you find every moment that matters for growing and amplifying those relationships. This approach optimizes your return on marketing investment.  

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