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Content syndication Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by LeadScale on February 16, 2023

Thanks for joining us for the final blog in our content syndication series. Just to recap, so far in this series, we have covered what content syndication is, how to get started, types of content you can syndicate, creating high-quality content, and how a firm can get the most out of their syndication efforts.

In this blog we are going to run through some frequently asked questions – please remember to get in touch if there is something we have missed, and we will answer it for you.

Does content syndication always work?

The short answer is no. Content syndication doesn’t always work. However, if you use content syndication as part of your marketing distribution strategy and use all the tips and tricks discussed in this blog series, then you will likely start seeing an increase in your brand awareness, visits to your site, and eventually (and hopefully) some leads.

If you are doing content syndication right now and it’s not working, look back through this series – are you using educational content? Do you know who your target audience is? Do you know your target audience’s pain points? Are they what your articles are on? Does the publisher you are using attract your target audience? Think about each issue and critically assess if you are addressing each point.

If you still have doubts about the strategy you are using in your content syndication program, contact our team, and we will answer them for you.

Can you track the ROI of content syndication?

Yes and no. Let’s start with yes. If you have paid for an advert or sponsored content on a third-party website which links through to a form capture, then yes, you can directly track the ROI of those leads, as you know who has downloaded your content.

If you are using content syndication in a more organic form by letting readers read your content for free, you cannot directly track your ROI. You can look at your website statistics and see if you have had a spike in visitors after an article has gone live on a website, but you would need help to determine the individuals who have read your content.

Should you pay for content syndication?

You are likely to get better results if you pay for content syndication. However, it can be expensive.

You need to look at your marketing plan and your budget. What are your KPIs for the year? Would content syndication help you achieve these? If the answer is yes, paying for content syndication would be good, but if not, start looking into the free ways to syndicate your content.

If you do decide to pay for content syndication, ensure the campaign delivers serviceable data. LeadScale uses best-in-class validation and verification technology to ensure that 100% of your leads are fully serviceable. Our Engine collects and develops the highest quality, consented personal data so you can turn every lead into a valuable relationship.

To better understand how LeadScale delivers real data, making the most out of your marketing budget, read our piece about How to calculate ROAS in Lead Generation.

How much should you pay for content syndication?

This question is tough to answer. The strength of the publisher’s brand will depend predominantly on the price. If they are exceptionally well known, you will pay a lot more than if they are more niche.

But remember, price is not everything if you don’t have results. 

Who should you work with to syndicate content?

Working with publishers who attract your target audience is a good idea. Your messaging will be more apparent to your audience, and you will see better results.

What results can I expect from syndicating content?

You can expect a variety of results after syndicating your content. You could experience:

      • Readers completing a form capture (Lead generation)
      • People reading your article
      • People commenting on your article
      • An increase in your website visits
      • An increase in your social media likes/follows etc
      • Contact us enquiries

What target audience does content syndication work well with?

Content syndication works well with any audience that reads articles, watches videos, views reports, etc., to gather information. Your audience could look at these content types online or in print form.

Speak to some publications and find out information on their readership, does this fit with the audience you are trying to target? If so, then they would be an excellent publisher to work alongside.

Is content syndication better for B2B or B2C firms?

Content syndication can work for B2C firms. However, you will likely see a better return on investment for a B2B firm.

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