LeadScale Engine Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by LeadScale on May 4, 2023

Welcome to our blog post! 

Today we will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the LeadScale Engine. If you are unfamiliar with the technology, this piece will help you better understand how the technology makes the most out of your lead and demand generation campaigns, giving you a more transparent and effective process.   

LeadScale Engine is a powerful technology. It helps businesses make the most of their marketing budget by generating qualified leads and increasing the chances of closing deals.  

Here we’ll cover everything from how the Engine works to how it identifies the gold dust. By the end of this article, you’ll better understand how LeadScale Engine helps you streamline your sales and marketing efforts and ultimately achieve your business goals.  

So, if you’re ready to learn more about LeadScale Engine and how it can transform your business, let’s dive in! 

How does the Engine block bad records?

We place a simple code on capture forms to stop users from sending fake names, weed out the trash, and route inappropriate leads for manual review. Dead-end, time-sucking records stay locked away from the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). 

How does the Engine track people from capture to close?

We encode every record you buy at the beginning of the journey and follow them as people through your CRM and tech tools. Everyone is matched to their data source and ultimate spend, so you can weigh their value against the cost of obtaining that lead. 

How does the Engine checks for Provenance?

When a customer consents to you to interact with them, we capture the device, browser, URL, timestamp, and privacy policy the customer agrees to. You’ll have a complete audit trail for every single record available on demand—promoting the confidence necessary to build solid business relationships. 

How does the Engine unite everyone around the right insights?

As your single source of truth, the LeadScale Engine provides independent reports to enterprises and suppliers. Inaccuracies like double counting, mistakenly created records, and human errors are easily removed, keeping noise and junk out and allowing suppliers to proactively self-improve. 

How does the Engine identify the Gold Dust?

LeadScale’s Engine plugs into your analytics to see where the high-converting records came from. You can quickly perfect your actions toward the ‘gold dust’ and make data-backed, value-driven decisions about channels to invest in. The Engine helps you generate truly valuable inquiries at a lower cost. 

More about the Engine

To sum up, LeadScale Engine is a powerful technology. It helps businesses streamline their sales and marketing efforts, generate qualified leads, and ultimately achieve their business goals. The Engine blocks bad records, tracks people from capture to close, checks for Provenance, unites everyone around the right insights, and identifies the gold dust.  

By implementing the LeadScale Engine, businesses can optimize their marketing budget, generate valuable inquiries at a lower cost, and make data-backed, value-driven decisions about channels to invest in. With its comprehensive audit trail and independent reports, LeadScale Engine promotes the confidence necessary to build solid business relationships. 

Are there any more questions you’d like to ask us? Send us a message, and we will be happy to book a demo and reply to any remaining doubts you still might have.