Bring Your Data To Life With The LeadScale Engine
Written by Francis Liming on August 23, 2023

We’re working in a time when our relationship with data has never been more contradictory. Our platforms, products, and processes produce more data than ever. The functionality we have at our disposal means we can get more value from that data than at any time before.   

So why does it feel more complicated, more overwhelming, and more like we are powerless to achieve what we want? 

The Challenge of Dormant Data

Often, we struggle to bring our data to life – it’s static, confusing, or we all rely on one Excel whizz at the company to devise the magic set of formulas to make sense of things for us.  

At LeadScale, we found this problem when trying to get our LinkedIn campaigns to ‘work’ for us – we’d have success one quarter, and then the next quarter, we would struggle. When we spoke to clients, they would tell us the same thing. I am sure that we and our clients have pored over LinkedIn reporting and downloaded countless CSV’s to try and wrangle the results from our activity into some meaningful format.

The Birth of Innovation

Necessity is the mother of invention, so we built our LinkedIn Dashboard out of this need for a better solution for our reporting.   

Instead of flat, disorganized reports, we now have real-time, dynamic reporting that we can customize to our needs. We have graphics that present data, so insights take seconds instead of minutes to extract. We have color-coded targets and alerts that make it easy for anyone to see where things are performing well, where things need attention, and exactly what the data tells us. 

B2B marketers should consider adopting standardized industry vertical and company size tagging to counteract the segmentation challenges. This tagging allows for more precise audience segmentation and targeting, minimizing the impact of inaccurate or insufficient data. 

Dynamic Data for Effortless Insights

The cornerstone of our LinkedIn Dashboard is its ability to transform static data into dynamic insights. Visually engaging graphics replace the arduous task of manual analysis, allowing us to extract actionable insights in seconds rather than minutes. With color-coded targets and intuitive alerts, anyone can readily find performance trends and areas demanding attention. Our dashboard illuminates the essence of the data, cutting the ambiguity that previously clouded decision-making. 

Elevating LinkedIn Campaigns with the Engine

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for running marketing campaigns, but it can only be as good as those running it. Those people can only be as good as the data on which they make their decisions. So don’t leave those people relying on sub-par data. Give them LinkedIn dashboards that bring their data to life. Arm them with the capability to run the best campaigns they can.    


The story of our LinkedIn Dashboard highlights the transformative power of innovation driven by necessity. In a landscape teeming with data, the true advantage lies in the abundance of information and the ability to extract insights that fuel success.  

Bridge the gap between static data and dynamic understanding. The Engine empowers professionals to confidently steer their campaigns, turning the complexities of data into a beacon of opportunity. 

If you want to know more about how the Engine can help you with your data, email me or add me on LinkedIn, and let’s book a demo!