Know the Value of Your Unknown Visitors
Written by Tom Barham on August 7, 2023

If you have at least six thousand unique users per month, and many of those visitors show intent but leave without saying hello, then read on.  

You get B2B traffic to your site, showing intent but not saying hello (filling in your form); you don’t know who these companies are, whether that company fits your ideal profile, and therefore no way of knowing whether to invest in a relationship with that company and even which business contacts to communicate with.  

Let me show you how you can go from a reactive state to a proactive state, so you are choosing the companies and personas to invest in.  

LeadScale Engine helps companies decide which companies and which relationships to invest in.  

Our managed data processor service validates, verifies, enriches, and reveals the value of business PII (Personal Identifiable Information) data for orchestration.  

Why are visitors arriving, reviewing your content, and showing intent but leaving without saying hello? Sure, you can retarget them via a pixel, but who are they, what does that company do, what do they need, and is that company showing buying committee-level intent in your type of services or products? Then furthermore, how can you target the right people, and how do you manage a program efficiently?  

If you have 1,000 unique visitors to your site and 100 people fill in your form or contact you directly, that is a 10% action per visit.  

What if your media spend is costing you £100 per visit or perhaps it’s much better and only costing £10 per visit?  

1,000 unique visits @ £10 per visit = £10,000 

Ok so in that best case scenario you now have 1,000 people raising their hands and moving into your marketing, nurture, and sales programs. What is your conversion rate from there? 1% – 5%?

We already know more leads are not the answer [see our Whitepaper on this subject]. Getting enhanced leads and enhanced visibility of those leads is the first step to better lead generation.  

What if you could reveal something about most of those other 900 unknown visitors? What if it could cost as little as £1 per visitor? 

So, let’s change the calculus and now you can see an additional 300 companies from those 900 unknown visitors? You now knew what that company did, where that office was based, how many employees, the turnover, the tech stack employed, the competitors, the funding rounds, and the financial position. Then you could select at least three business contacts by job title that matched your ideal customer profile and add these into your marketing nurture and orchestration. E.g., the buying committee you need to convince in your account-based marketing approach.  

We could also run a data match of your existing data on your CRM and tell you if you already had them as leads. Pre suppress existing lists against your new lists, enrich them with corrections of missing data, and even enrich them further with surging intent based on your agreed keywords. 

We could also help you deliver the nurture and marketing activation at a transparent fixed fee % of spend from our managed services team via their Marketing Partner status on LinkedIn, Amazon lead ads, Google Premier partner status, or nearly 170 onboarded and fully checked B2B publishers.  

This was a problem we already solved because we experienced it ourselves. We were customer number one. We spent our money fixing our unknown visitor problem. 

Do I still have your attention? Tune in for my next post, and I can show you how, if you have at least six thousand monthly unique users, we can help you solve this unknown visitor problem. 

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