Unlock the Value of Your Unknown Traffic
Written by Tom Barham on August 10, 2023

Welcome to part 2 of my blog series about the value of unknown visitors. If you missed the first piece, you could read it here. I will detail the problem you may already be experiencing, like millions of B2B advertisers worldwide.   

So, if you read part one or didn’t, the question remains: How can you reveal and activate unknown visitors with LeadScale Engine?   

If your company has at least six thousand monthly unique users, it’s worth engaging LeadScale Engine to solve this problem.   

Adobe, DocuSign, Vodafone, Intel, Stellantis, and others already work with us. 

How Do We Do It?

We do all the heavy lifting. You use our account management team, onboarded tech, and media suppliers. We do all the setups.   

We drop a pixel to collect the IP address of your visitors. We run real-time via an integration into our Engine, which runs that IP against a company check; this includes revealing those working remotely. We then check that company against a strict target account list or Ideal customer profile (ICP). If it matches, we then search for a business contact and select 3-5 business contacts. If they match your ICP, we deliver this company profile and business contacts to your MarTech endpoint or CRM.  

For as little as £10k per year or £833 per month  

6,000 unique users   

600 usable companies revealed.   

Minimum of 1,500 contacts   

55p per contact.   

On average, these contacts could cost you £50 per MQL if you paid us to find those for you via a traditional content syndication campaign. We can provide an additional addressable audience that could cost you as much as £75,000 for a minimum of £10,000 per year.   

If you choose, we can also add intent data to show which accounts are surging in your given fields of expertise.   

Furthermore, we can service these leads with nurture programs and demand gen services through our list of over 100 onboarded B2B publisher sites.

What Resources Do You Need to Set it Up?

With a £10,000 annual commitment for the program, with additional fees for intent, nurture programs, and activation programs, this could be as much as £25,000 annually or £2,000 per month.  

Suppose your annual budget is anything above £100,000 a year. Isn’t it worth completing this data journey and stopping that leaky bucket?   

We help you find the gold dust in the pan.   

Now the best part, we use our proudly managed, UK-based, tech-enabled marketing services company. We do the heavy lifting, and you use our account management team, our onboarded tech suppliers, and our media suppliers. Then our tech services team, which handles over 100 B2B campaigns a month and over 100,000 processed records, will do all the setup, testing, and then orchestration into nearly 100 integrated endpoints from Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo to proprietary systems.     

We also provide a dashboard to make progress, optimize, and report easily, whether you are the CMO or Account Executive.   

If you want to reveal unknown visitors and turn that into an enriched target account list for as low as £1 per business record? Please get in touch.   

Find more gold dust. 

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